The sacred text of the Constitution


Сакральный текст Конституции

I think that stirred up the many obvious and one might even say, demonstrative wildness and absurdity of all these “amendments”, the absurdity of not only content but also grammar just due to the fact that in understanding Putin’s viziers the text of the Constitution is a sacred text, the true meaning of which lies not in vocabulary, phraseology, syntax, or semantics of the text, and in those very specific and sensually tangible consequences of it can be consequential.

Simply put, what are these amendments, the average person can understand only when based on what other “laws” adopted in turn on the basis of these idiotic “amendments”, it to what would be legally dragged out.

As mentioned prominent political and public figures of our time, Ramzan Kadyrov, “who did not understand, he will understand.”


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