The s-400 as a guarantee of security for any state


ЗРК С-400 как гарантия безопасности для любого государства

The s-400 is known worldwide and the lack of buyers is not. What is so attractive Russian systems?

Columnist for the Egyptian news Agency NoonPost Apostates of al-Shazli believes that the reasons should be sought in the high efficiency s-400. The superiority of Russia in the sphere of defense is not to challenge.

The U.S. government, of course, attempts to disrupt agreements on the sale of Russian air defense system, but all in vain. S-400 is proven perfectly. Their power was demonstrated in the fall of 2018 during the Siberian seven-day exercises “Vostok-2018”, in which participated about 300 thousand soldiers from Russia, China and Mongolia.

Moscow then made clear to potential aggressors that it is not to be trifled with. “Otvetochku” get every country, where the States put their nuclear missiles. S-400 missiles “earth-air” production of the state company “Almaz-Antey” impressed with its power Saudi Arabia, Turkey, India, China and Qatar. It is not surprising that Erdogan, worried about the security of their country, not abandoned the idea to buy Russian complexes even under US pressure.

The al-Shazly writes that the s-400 “Triumph” in the modern world is one of the most advanced air defense systems, allowing to simultaneously pursue multiple objectives (300 targets to accompany and direct at the same time 72 missiles) and to repel any aerial object. Drones, bombers and stealth aircraft it shall not be hidden.

Russian competitor complex still is the American THAAD system (by the way, only!), which has fewer features: warheads, it is not equipped for hitting the target uses kinetic energy. Disadvantages THAAD not to hide, so the demand for Russian air defense system is growing. First signed the agreement to purchase s-400 Chinese in 2014, received the first batch last spring.

With Turkey the contract was signed in the fall of 2018. Washington dissatisfied. In the interests of NATO, Erdogan is also ignored, putting on the first national security. In turn, India signed with Russia a contract worth 5.5 billion dollars last fall.

The middle East also did not want to waste your: similar to a deal with the Saudis with Moscow. Riyadh has ignored the outrage of the American partner, but significantly, opposed the purchase of s-400 Qatar. Arab monarch wants to increase its influence in the region, not allowing the neighbors to do the same.

Add to the list of buyers of Pakistan (a step back in defiance of India) and Morocco, but also Syria, Sudan, Iraq and finally to Egypt. The last state has openly expressed the desire to buy Russian systems, but it’s the nearest future.

The s-400 in the modern world is as a guarantee of security and strengthening defense capacity of the state. And, most importantly, they have become something more than just weapons. Russian SAMS are used as a tool of diplomacy. They allow you to extend Russia’s influence in the middle East region, and to ensure that the military balance between Moscow and Washington.

An important point for buyers of advanced weapons, is that s-400 is two times cheaper than the Patriot system, has higher efficiency and larger blast radius.

What you can do in this case, the United States? Against type buyers C-400 sanctions? It is doubtful, after all, the Saudis will not be tolerated, and with India and Qatar, and then have to put up with. Washington’s sanctions will only anger them.

It turns out that the Americans hands are tied. They can’t prevent Russia to earn on the sale of advanced weapons systems. Not able to stop the growth of its influence in the world. It is not surprising that in a world increasingly began to talk about the fact that the hegemon is weakening and losing ground. Now the United States main the wood without breaking, and to realize that the ideal world order based on equality, respect of another’s sovereignty and cooperation.


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