The Russians will give the output of the health check


Россиянам дадут выходной на проверку здоровья

The Russians will add a paid day off specifically to pass planned medical examination. This was reported to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazan.

“It is impossible to take the examination according to the principle: if you don’t want to go, do not go”, — said the Senator. The corresponding bill with amendments to the Labour code is under consideration in the state Duma.

To take advantage of this weekend, according to the document, employees will be able to once in three years.

This measure, according to Ryazan, the most necessary for older workers and employees of hazardous industries. Preventive check-UPS help early detection of coronary heart disease, diabetes and various types of cancer.

In April it was reported that almost three quarters of Russian doctors talking about the inflated reports of medical examination of Russians in 2017. 38 percent of the four thousand respondents of the Foundation of independent monitoring “Health” stated that the checks and surveys are conducted only on paper. A fifth of doctors complained that during clinical examination have reduced wages since they do not have time to take other patients.

In 2013 year, the country introduced universal free medical examinations, which may be, employed, and not working adult Russians. However, in January this year entered into force a new procedure, according to which from the first stage of the survey was excluded by clinical and biochemical blood analysis, urine analysis. According to most doctors participating in the survey of the Fund “Health” (76 percent) reduction in the number of studies will reduce the incidence of diseases.


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