The Russians promised fatal 2018. “The banks will “burst” one by one”


Россиянам пообещали фатальный 2018 год. "Банки начнут "лопаться" один за другим"

Imminent default predicts Russia independent financial expert Stepan Demura. According to him, in 2018 banks will be closed, depriving the inhabitants of the country of all savings.

Demura says that despite statements by the authorities, Russia is completely dependent on energy prices, and the budget of the country is still formed mainly by income from the oil and gas sector. “Rosstat says plainly that we have from year to year strongly decreases the profitability in all sectors except oil and gas. Construction — minus 30%, high technology or minus 25%, agriculture — 20%”, — said the financial expert his forecast with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to him, already in 2018 Russia will demonstrate its “economic impotence”, which is not to cure even the impressive gold reserves. The expert believes that this year noted that “the banks will “burst” one after the other, depriving the population of stored on deposits of money.” The state will have to reimburse the money to the population at the expense of backup media that will eventually Deplete foreign exchange reserves, according to the portal “”. According to the financier, the dollar by the end of next year may reach 100. This scenario concludes demur, will lead to political and economic end of Russia.


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