The Russians offered to remove cash from the card at the box office stores


Россиянам предложат снимать наличные с карт на кассах магазинов

Banks and payment systems testing a service that allows to withdraw money from the card to the store. In one embodiment, withdraw cash can only be making a purchase, on the other – without reference to the payment of the item.

At the box office. the Russians prompted the service to withdraw cash from the card. This service is tested banks and payment systems, the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

In particular, this service tests the savings Bank. To launch this service, the credit institution intends in the second quarter of this year, said the publication of two people who know this from the Bank employees. In the Sberbank declined to comment.

According to the newspaper, the ability to run such a service, studies and payment system Mastercard, which has already conducted tests with several banks. Among them, according to “Vedomosti”, VTB and “Russian standard”.

Citing a person close to the “Russian standard”, the publication describes how to work technology Mastercard: the customer pays for the product or service on their credit card and at the same time prompts the cashier the required amount of cash, enter the pin, then the card issuing Bank approves the purchase and cash. The interviewee said that the requested amount of cash will be limited.

One of the interlocutors “Vedomosti” says that Sberbank was tested as a variant of the Mastercard that is linked to compulsory purchase, and the other — without reference to the payment of the item. In the end, the savings Bank recognized preferred the latter option, know the newspaper.

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS), the newspaper reported that Mastercard had a service with the question of whether to conform to the legislation cash withdrawal in the outlets upon payment of the goods in this outlet card. the service concluded that under other equal conditions, this will not lead to restriction of competition, leads edition of the words of the Deputy head of Department of control of financial markets FAS Lilia Belyaeva.


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