The Russians have learned from the banks 52 billion


Россияне вынесли из банков еще 52 миллиарда рублей

The Russian banking system experienced a new outflow of ruble deposits, was announced on Thursday by the Central Bank.Over the last month physical persons taken from the accounts 52 billion, and the total amount of funds that keeps people in banks in roubles, decreased by 0.2%.


Of the last four months three ended for banks in ruble loss of clients: an outflow of deposits began in August, continued in September, October statistics recorded flow, which gave way to a new outflow in November.

Over the past 10 years, the reduction of ruble deposits in the system was observed only in periods of crisis, says the Director of analytical Department of “Loco-invest” Cyril Tremasov.

Last summer, people took the money, collapsed when the Bank “Opening” in the fall of 2014 — when the ruble collapsed, in March of the same year, after the annexation of Crimea, and in 2008 — against the backdrop of the global financial crisis.


In annual terms, deposits are still in positive territory, but the accumulated early in the year the stock is falling rapidly: in November it was only 8.9 percent growth — at least in 2015.

However, at the same time rising foreign currency deposits, from the data of the Central Bank. After three consecutive months of outflows, due to the threat of sanctions against state-owned banks, physical persons joined accounts 0.9 billion.


To reduce their assets in rubles, the population probably caused the fear of inflation, says chief economist at Alfa Bank Natalia Orlova.

In addition, people continue to eat through savings: that is possibly why consumption is growing faster than revenues, she adds.

Thus, the retail trade turnover in Jan-Nov gained 2.6%, while real


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