The Russians have ceased to save on food


Россияне перестали экономить на еде

Russians are used to economic crisis, less anxious because of it and refuse radical ways of overcoming problems. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by holding “ROMIR”.

The proportion of those planning to save on the Essentials down to a meal, was significantly reduced in 2016, it was 66%, in December 2017 — 48 percent.

“At the end of 2017, the perception by Russians of the economic situation in the country has considerably changed and for the better. As at the end of last year about their feelings that the country is in crisis, said 40 percent of respondents, whereas in early 2016, such responses were 71 percent”, — stated in the materials of the holding.

The degree of anxiety about the state of the economy also declined, experts state: “That is to say that, the feelings of the Russians, the national economy slowly begins to recover”.

However, the majority of respondents — 80 percent — complained of rising prices. “More often than the average for the sample, the rise in prices of goods and services complained respondents older than 60 years, the Russians with low income, residents of big cities”, — stated in the study.

It is also possible to assume that Russians have become accustomed to with the new exchange rate, most of the falling ruble continue to say only citizens with high incomes and residents of the cities, experts say.

According to “ROMIR”, the personal inflation of the Russians in 2017, was below the official through participation in various new year’s promotions.

Average check of Russians in December of 2017 when going to the store rose to a high of $ 586 rubles.


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