The Russians complained about the record deterioration of life


Россияне пожаловались на рекордное ухудшение жизниSocial well-being of the population worsened.

While Rosstat reports on the economic recovery and record for 4-year jump in the standard of living, population surveys continue to reveal a sharp deterioration as assessments of their own finances and expectations for the future.

The proportion of citizens who evaluate their financial situation as “poor” or “very bad” jumped to 25%, said Tuesday by VTSIOM on the results of a survey conducted on June 27.

Fixed rate one-third higher than the previous year’s level (18%) and was a record since the crisis of 2009, when the financial problems complained about 28% of Russians.

The economic expectations index fell to its lowest level for the time of similar studies (2008): a record number of respondents — 26% — said they expect further deterioration of their financial situation. Share pending improvements fell from 33% to 24%, which also was a historic low.

The number of pessimists exceeded the number of optimists for the first time research.

Social wellbeing of the population has deteriorated in all respects, indicates the polls.

Thus, the share of those who assess the current state of the economy as “good” or “very good” for the year fell by more than half, from 31% to 14%. The proportion assessing their financial situation as “good” fell from 19% to 14%.

The proportion of those who believe that “things in the country going in the right direction” has decreased from 45% to 31% and was the lowest since 2013.

“The observed decline in social indicators reflects a reaction to the significant increase of fuel prices and the upcoming unpopular pension reform”, — says the head of the practice of social simulation and forecasting Yulia Baskakova polls: polls showed that against raising the retirement age will be more than 80% of Russians.

“The most significant gap occurs in the area of expectations, says Baskakov. — Many suggest that in the near future, their financial situation will get worse. The prospect of belt-tightening does not look rosy and the correctness of the chosen direction of the country begins to be questioned”.

A survey conducted by the Bank of Russia in June, showed record in 9 years, the collapse in consumer sentiment and growing fear of higher prices. Russians observed, inflation reached the record since the October 2017 and for the first time in more than six years was double. Fixed Central Bank rate — 10.6 percent — nearly 5 times higher than the official figure from Rosstat, in June decreased to 2.3%.


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