The Russians began to submit to Apple because of slow iPhone


Apple flooded with lawsuits because of its recognition in a deliberate slowdown of its smartphone – in the court of it began to serve around the world. Russia also noted: in our country, has filed several lawsuits both from individuals and from companies.

In particular, in the Russian court asked lawyers from the NLF Group to the Lex Borealis, which represent the interests of a number of owners of modern IPhones. At the moment the case is submitted for consideration, but the date of the first hearing has not been disclosed. This is a precedent, so that in the near future in Russia lawyers Apple significantly more work. Recall that for many years there were rumors that Apple slows down their old iPhone by implementing special algorithms in iOS. This was done ostensibly with the aim of forcing users to buy new gadgets and enrichment of Tim cook and johnny Ive.

In December 2017, Apple has finally admitted and confirmed all the rumors, but the reason was completely different: it slows down and, most importantly, continue to slow their smartphones as degradation of their batteries. Outputs from this situation three: you can change the battery with a new one and return the original performance of your IPhone, you can buy a new IPhone, and you can abandon Apple’s smartphones and switch on the device running Android. Add that many manufacturers of Android smartphones has officially stated that an example with Apple and do not take your gadgets don’t slow down.


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