The Russians are buying up real estate in Crimea: how to change the price of resort housing


Россияне скупают недвижимость в Крыму: как изменились цены на курортное жилье

The Russians are buying up real estate on the Crimean Peninsula. The imminent launch of the movement on the bridge through the Kerch Strait is pushing more citizens to buy property in this region.

Today Yalta is a serious competitor to Sochi, fighting for the attention of investors, who intend to earn on tourists. Note that compared to 2014, housing prices in the Crimea increased significantly — by 25%. Now the cost per square meter of real estate in Sevastopol averages about 75 thousand rubles, the figure is set at around 90 thousand rubles, and in Simferopol — 70 thousand rubles. Most of the buyers are Russians from other regions of the country. Property on the Crimean Peninsula is generally acquired for a summer vacation.

In Crimea increased, not only housing prices but also the volume of input of new buildings. This figure has increased three times in the past year, was introduced about 400 thousand square meters of housing. Construction activity in the Crimea is quite high, especially in Sevastopol and Yalta. With the completion of construction of the Kerch bridge the demand for a house or apartment near the sea will only increase.

Author: Alexander Artemenkova


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