The Russian President once again late for a meeting with the Pope


The meeting was held in the Vatican.

Russian President Vladimir Putin again late for a meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican, writes the with reference on the European truth.

The Vatican website announced that the meeting scheduled for 13:00. Putin’s presidential plane landed at the Fiumicino airport in Rome at 12:58, after which the Russian President immediately went to the Vatican.

With the hour of the day at the Apostolic Palace (residence of the Pope) were waiting for Putin’s private Secretary, Francis, journalists and honorary guard. The Russian President arrived in 14:07.

In the Italian capital due to the arrival of Putin stepped up security measures, traffic blocked in the “green zone”, consisting of 50 streets, banned protests, controlled the airspace over Rome.

Russian President travels to Rome on a private armored limo Aurus Senat.

Along the route of the motorcade of a large number of law enforcement officers, snipers and patrols with support for anti-terrorist units.

Security has been tightened in Saint Peter’s square and the streets adjacent to the Vatican. Pilgrims and tourists are denied access to the area. Open only the side paths entrance to the Basilica.

Putin’s visit to Rome will last about ten hours. After meeting with Francis, he will go to the President of Italy Sergio Mattarello, and then will hold talks with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and will give a joint press conference.

Around 19:30 in Kiev Putin will speak at the Italian-Russian dialogue forum for civil society.

This is the second meeting of Putin with the Pope over the past four years, the previous one was June 10, 2015. On it Putin was an hour late, citing delays traffic in Milan and Rome and “long negotiations” with the Prime Minister of Italy.

The day after the meeting with Putin, Pope Francis will hold talks with leaders of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church to discuss the situation in Ukraine. This meeting was announced in early may.


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