The Russian giant controls almost a quarter of the world market for harvesting machinery


Российский гигант контролирует почти четверть мирового рынка уборочной техники

Selmash controls about 17 % of the world market of cleaning equipment, supplying its products to 34 countries. Today the company offers and for whom, in publications “КазахЗерно.kz”.

Now in the line of grain cars Rostselmash presented a series of four and fourteen models of harvesters. They are all versatile – designed for the cleaning of all grains, beans and legumes, cereals, row crops, oilseeds, grass seed and vegetables. Very briefly about the most popular models of serial production.

Combines with the classical single-drum threshing system

VECTOR 410: the engine YAMZ with the capacity of 210 HP, VECTOR 425: Cummins engine power 425 HP

Hopper volume 6 000 l, the speed of discharge of 50 l/s, optionally available stacker differently with volume of 12 m3. Combines optimum for small farms with harvesting areas up to 750 ha.

VECTOR 450 Track harvester crawler, the engine YAMZ with the capacity of 255 HP hopper Capacity of 6 000 l, the speed of discharge of 50 l/s. Designed specifically for rice farms and regions with low bearing capacity of the soil.

Single-drum combine harvester with auxiliary Domracheva device of rotary type

ACROS 550: engine YAMZ with a nominal capacity of 280 h. p.; ACROS 585: Cummins engine capacity 300 HP

Hopper volume 9 000 l, the rate of discharge of 90 l/s For one season is able to remove up to 1 000 hectares, is popular in medium and large farms. ACROS 585 on the results of surveys of farmers in Russia has repeatedly received the title of “Best harvester of the year”

ACROS 595: Cummins engine capacity of 325 HP

Hopper volume 9 000 l, the rate of discharge of 90 l/s 30 % faster than ACROS 550 for the season cleans up 1 200 – 1 300 ha. the Machine is designed for medium sized farms and large agricultural holdings.

Combine harvester to the rotary type

TORUM 750: MTU engine power 425 HP TORUM 780: MTU engine power of 506 HP

Volume of hopper 10 500 and 12 000 l, respectively, for TORUM TORUM 750 and 780, the unloading speed of 105 l/s high-performance machines, for the season, clean more than 2 000 ha. Well show themselves as high-and low-yielding sredniorocznych and even backgrounds, a distinctive feature – able to work in the fields with a moisture content up to 20%.

Double-drum combine harvester

RSM 161: Cummins engine power 360 HP

The volume of tank 10 500 l unloading speed of 105 l/s high-performance machine for the season can remove 2 000 ha. is Optimal for regions with difficult harvesting conditions: high humidity, matted and laid bread, arnosti, “green”. Unique clean threshing, 22 international patents, a new multi-dimensional one of a kind cleaning system developed on the basis of the new global platform. Reveals all its advantages in the most complex agricultural background. Among the famous on the world market “dubarenco” allocated the minimum of injury oborachivaemosti grain. Another distinctive feature of the system is to cope with the cleaning at exorbitant humidity values – more than 25-26% for her not completely terrible.

Harvester and accessories for combine harvesters Rostselmash

In the basic configuration, the harvesters are supplied with grain harvesters Power Stream with a working width of 7-9 meters for cars of brands ACROS and VECTOR, 6-9 m TORUM and 7-9 for RSM.

For regions with low yields, the manufacturer recommends a nine grain Draper header the conveyor Stream 900. The unit allows to load the harvester, causing the productivity of the harvester increases.

Universal header low cut Floаt Stream 700 (also available are versions with a width of 5.6 and 9 meters). Designed for harvesting soybeans and other legumes, and undersized grains, cereals, flax seeds. Provides high-quality reproduction of the relief and cut at a height of 30 mm. the cutting unit Is “floating” type.

For corn offered 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-seed harvester ARGUS and conversion kits for combines 8 and 10 rows. Adapters are aggregated and light harvesters, and do not require installation of goods. The kits provide an effective, gentle and efficient threshing of corn (special soundboard, straps and other elements, which increase the quality of the cleaning “Queen of fields”).

For sunflower harvesting company offers two options. For small farms growing sunflower and corn, the manufacturer recommends the most economical solution — the conversion kit corn harvester. For enterprises with large areas of 8 – and 12-row adapters FALCON for cleaning it sunflower.

If to speak about acquisition of one car per household, businesses, crops were seeded in the order of 500-800 hectares, the Rostselmash combine harvesters recommends brand VECTOR. When the area under cereals is about 1 000 ha makes sense to consider the purchase of ZUK of the brand ACROS. Technical characteristics and specifications indicated on the website of the manufacturer and dealers, we will review the performance of the machines and their reliability.

Note that we use open data from past years. In recent years, combine harvesters Rostselmash has undergone a major upgrade, which has a positive impact primarily on the reliability of the machines.

The performance and reliability of the VECTOR 410

VECTOR 410 is ideal for working in the fields with a yield of 30 q/ha. yield At the nominal average output per shift VECTOR 410 is about 80 tons of grain. To evaluate the performance on low-yielding backgrounds and row is possible, based on practical data machine-stations.

Free we found the results of four years (2011-2014) observations of three cars VECTOR 410. The average operating time was 1 166 hours (3 628 t). The average MTBF of 1 Gy. for years amounted to RUB 374.4; of 396.4; 414,0; 496,0 h On the refusal of the second group — of 280.8; 216,2; of 174.3; 154,0 h Over 4 years average number of refusals of 9.5.

VECTOR 410 — combine with the classic ISU “generic” signs of Rostselmash: high inertia drum diameter 800 mm, smooth concave long. These features offer advantages in cleaning complicated loaves and emergency relief soundboard lets you to eliminate clogging of the grind without stopping the node.

Performance ACROS 550 / 585

Harvesters ACROS 550 / 585 most comfortable feel for the backgrounds with a yield of 40-50 q/ha. On the backgrounds of the nominal yield interchangeable performance ACROS 550 / 585 is about 40 ha, or 100 m.

Below we publish the results of tests on sredniorocznych and low-yielding backgrounds.

These models came into the series not long ago, so to find results field observations we did not. Refer also to the observations of previous editions does not make sense, because new cars are made with very serious changes. However, the “old” combines harvested up to 1 000 (ACROS 530) and up to 1 200 (ACROS 580) hectares, and there are farms which are acquired, for example, in 2011 the harvesters are operated to this day.

As a VECTOR, the machine is implemented on the basis of the classical single-drum ISU demolicious stand-alone device. The design of the cleaning sieve has the features and more space. And one more observation from the owners: ACROS 585 differs from the 550-th less “appetite” due to the use of more economical, although more powerful, motor.

In the lineup are three families of such ZUK with different types of IAS – for example, the following models: single-drum ACROS 595 Plus, rotary TORUM 750 / 780, double-drum RSM 161. As before, we will not consider the technical parameters of the machine — they are available on the website of the manufacturer and dealers. Will focus on performance.

Productivity and efficiency ACROS 595 Plus

ACROS 595 Plus (325 HP) — classic harvester single drum with MSU and non-walkers, the most productive machine in its series, designed for the cleaning of grain yield from 50 kg/ha. existing practical data harvester per season is able to remove more the manufacturer 1 000 ha.

Unfortunately, the test results of MIS is not available, but in July 2016, the car took part in the comparative tests initiated by the Ministry of agriculture of the Orenburg region. Together with RSM ACROS 595 Plus the competition was attended by 5 cars: JD W650, 6090 NH CSX, NH CX 7080, Claas Tucano 430, AGROMASH 5000.

The testing was performed by direct combine harvesting winter wheat with a yield of 32.1 C/ha. Productivity is defined in accordance with the requirements of normative documents at the level of losses on erect standing crop to 2 %.

Performance TORUM 750 / 780

TORUM 750 / 780 — combine harvester implemented on the basis of the rotary MSU with a rotating deck. Designed for cleaning backgrounds with yield of 40 q/ha. with a special design, show very high performance with impressive economy and provide a stable technological process on wet fields.

The performance of RSM 161

RSM 161 — flagship combine harvester Rostselmash machine with double-drum LSG is designed to work on high-yielding backgrounds high humidity, solomitol. On sale from 2015

Online you can find the results of the test cars before their launch in series production, but we are not as interesting as the characteristics of working harvesters. Although such information is scarce, but it is still there. The first results were obtained during a demo tour, which was attended by just serial harvesters who went to the owners after the showings (or the remaining farm tour participants).

Harvesting barley with a yield of 15-20 t /ha harvester showed performance 7.0 ha/h At harvesting of wheat with a yield of 25-30 t/ha with high green weed infestation and humidity at the root of 20-20 % and 7.8 ha/h.

There were also seasonal owners. So, on the wheat yields from 27 to 35 kg/ha RSM 161 was removed in 11 days almost 1 000 ha. Capacity – 10 ha/h On wheat yield 35-40 t/ha bunker (10 500 l ≈ 7.8 MT) were harvested for 10-11 min. For 21 days yield amounted to 3 600 t According to the farmers, the benefits of RSM 161 are also high integrity and purity of grain, the efficiency of the motor.


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