The Russian football Union has come up with how to punish bismarckanlage in bill player


В Российском футбольном союзе придумали,как наказать высморкавшегося в купюру футболиста

Honorary President of the Russian football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov has offered the leadership of FC “Tosno”, which plays vismirnovite in a five-thousandth bill player, to deprive him of his wages and to “tear off ears” for such a trick.

“I would place the coach took him by the ears and tore as it should. And if he is on the payroll [in the club], he would have robbed her. This is possible and finish, it would be a good lesson”, — quotes the words of Life Koloskov, who also added that many young people under the age of 19 years are not prudent.

As an example, the President of the RFU cited cases when peers player upload pornography, murder, footage of animal abuse, etc. “I would not focus on this player, especially because there are few such examples. Somewhere Kokorin took a walk, somewhere to shoot, then another car ride, but it’s just one person” — summed up the spikes.

Midfielder of Russian club “Tosno”, 19-year-old Stanislav Manaev, published in his Instagram video, which he defiantly mismarketed in a five-thousandth bill, and then throws it at his feet. In this video he was accompanied by the comment: “I could give the bill to people who really need it, but will not give up, because I have a cold”. Later the video was removed.


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