The Rover took the unusual object on the surface of the red planet


Марсоход снял самый необычный объект на поверхности Красной планеты On Mars discovered a live bird.

Representatives of foreign UFO society “Disclose Screen” report that examined pictures taken by the famous third-generation Rover “Curiosity” of NASA, and suddenly discovered in one of the photos intended bird.

According to the researchers, the mysterious frame was received by the Rover on 20 January this year. In the lens of the camera of the robot clearly hit a dark object that is very similar to feathered creature. Experts wonder how no one has noticed this anomaly before, studying the image on the official website of the us national aerospace Agency

Some netizens felt that the red planet really inhabited by a bird or similar flying creature. For others, before us is another proof that “Curiosity” makes all of your photos on Earth, and NASA is engaged in a hoax. By the way, the bird was in the picture and the lunar missions of the USA, so the birds – one of the factors of exposure space hoaxes on the part of Americans.

Finally, skeptics suggest that it is a normal artifact of the photography. However, if all of these artifacts to piece together during the work Curiosity since August 2012, it gives a very interesting picture that does not correspond to the official doctrine of NASA of what constitutes the Red planet.


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