The role of the state in the health of the population in the present and future


О роли государства в оздоровлении населения в настоящем и будущем

In the article “coronavirus — the national brainstorming” discussed the health and recovery of the population. Affected empirically. The development of the theme would like to consider its scientific and philosophical aspects.

In connection with the pandemic theme daily, if not hourly, is discussed in the authorities, the medical community. The media, the public, almost all. No one is indifferent. And this is no coincidence. Physical health is the material basis of the basic values — human life, axiological factor of the viability of the Russian state.

Spent huge financial, material and human resources to fight the pandemic. Until you manage to reverse the growth trend of infections, illnesses and deaths. In my opinion government action on a large scale, but not effective enough. Popiteal to prove this thesis.

Health and, in particular, the antivirus policy of the state is based on the medical concept of population health improvement by treatment and sanitary-epidemiological measures. The patient remains passive side that affect chemical, biological agents or physical therapy. This is a symptomatic effect is often short-lived, but essentially stable physical and mental wellbeing, ability to prolonged activity and greater stress loads is not achieved. The fact that medicine can at some time start basic, inherent to every person, mechnism of self-renewal and samovosstanovlenija. But in the future, due to improper lifestyle, lack of a competent and responsible attitude towards their health, everything will come to normal.

If you go back to the topic of the coronavirus, that proved a direct connection between the complications of the disease COVID-19 with obesity and excess weight, especially significant example of the United States (36 and 70%, respectively) and Smoking on the example of China (smokers 53% of men). It is easy to understand why. Excess fat, especially visceral, prevents the delivery of glucose and other nutrients to the muscle, nerve and gland cells and tissues, leading to functional and then organic damage to organs, disease of the whole organism. Smoking directly destroys the blood vessels and lung tissue.

The population of Russia is less in percentage terms are prone to obesity (26% of women and 14% men), and 30% of the population are overweight, not a good life, and an unbalanced diet. And with Smoking and alcohol abuse (30% smokers, 30% of “quiet” and 1% was of alcoholics) in Russia has forced progress (a decrease of tens of percent in recent years). Expensive was. Can’t afford it. Isn’t that one of the reasons of our lagging behind rich countries on the incidence?

It is assumed but not statistically proven link diseases COVID-19 physical inactivity and drunkenness.

Of course, avoiding harmful habits reduces the risk of disease and even can improve to the terrible statistics. But in most cases, is not enough. You need a conscious, systematic, science-based implementation of the not burdensome rules of a healthy lifestyle. Opening in 2004, the Nobel laureate of American I. rose and his Israeli colleagues Ciechanover A. and A. Hershko intracellular immunity and mitochondrial mechanism of support it has created a good basis for applied research and development medical and nemedikamentozhnykh measures of intracellular immune system.

In this and other studies, in particular academician Skulachev V. P., to prove the dependence of physical health and longevity of man from a condition of mitochondrial apparatus. Mitochondria, those little power, are virtually in all cells and ensure the normal functions of cells, and thus tissues and organs of the human body. I repeat, most importantly, muscular, nervous, and glandular. Once mitochondrial energy decreases with age or due to poor lifestyle, increases the risk of many diseases, including infectious.

The way of life of our population far from the cultural canons. Only a small proportion of Russians consciously about their health and lead a proper lifestyle. They almost never get sick and rarely visit doctors, except for objective medical examination or in case of injuries. To reverse the situation is possible only if the state, in the person of their leaders, conscious of the need to shift the emphasis from a medical paradigm to a paradigm of education for a healthy lifestyle to the entire population. This long-term strategy for the development and implementation of which is necessary to attract scientists, physicians, educators, psychologists, media. But not in the ways of modernization of traditional, useless activities like gym class or mass surrender rules TRP, and by imparting healthy habits, proper nutrition, and daily easy but effective exercise.

This will help people manage their health all his life, Active aging will facilitate the solution of the pension problem when the full strength and vigor pensioners will be able to the end of their days doing useful to society and not a burden to the younger generation. Can significantly decrease the number of medical institutions, drug costs. Of course life is difficult, without professional medical assistance is necessary, especially during the transition period, and need to find a balance between medical help and independent, active citizens caring about their health.

But that’s for the future. And now it is necessary to adjust the promotion of measures to combat coronavirus. With the slogan — “Sit at home and do not protrude”, with the slogan “at home, ditch unhealthy habits: overeating, Smoking, and alcohol. Drink plenty of water, ventilate the room, do a short exercise, control your emotions, plan the day’s activities”.

Now about the philosophical aspect of the topic.

Recognizing the undeniable importance of physical health (FZ), which should be supported by the dialectical unity of Medicine and Healthy lifestyle, we should also emphasise the absolute importance of Spiritual and moral health (DH).

Healthy body, healthy mind — this is only partly correct. Example of the incorrectness of this proverb are healthy, the criminals and scum. More importantly the opposite. A healthy mind creates a healthy body. And there are plenty of examples. But even more properly dialectical unity of the FZ and DZ. Without the extremes. If a spiritual person is not concerned about his FZ, he will not be able to fully fulfill his earthly mission. If a person is only a fan of a healthy lifestyle, you will live an empty life.

So the formula Correct way of life need to change to a Righteous life. Nurture a lifestyle individuals may Righteous man, and of the entire population — Righteous state.

The establishment of a Righteous State is a daunting. This dedicated Program is slain, “New strategy for successful Russia.” It covers important aspects of physical, mental, moral and spiritual health of the population. It — strategy. In my opinion, necessary and accidental tactics that take into account the historical dialectic of all aspects of Health that are the most important at this moment in history in terms of national disasters Pandemic. And this is — physical, mental and economic aspects of health. Using information resources of the Centre can be explaining the best ways of conduct in conditions of uncertainty, panic, a fall in purchasing power. In short, how to survive. This will attract more attention and bring credibility to the Centre.


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