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Successful and rich.

In 2010 Forbes included only 91 lady in your ranking of billionaires, by 2019, the number had increased to 243, reports the with reference to

It is interesting that in 2019 appeared and the youngest billionaire in modern history. It was a 21-year-old model Kylie Jenner, who for 2019 has earned $ 1 billion.

In the top five of the richest women in the world:

  • In the first place françoise Betancur Myers. Co-owner of L’oréal, 65 years – $49.3 billion.

French businesswoman and granddaughter of the founder of L’oreal first came to the Forbes list last year, and in 2019 rose to a 15-th line and became a leader among women. It took over 33% of the shares of L’oreal in 2017, when her mother died, Lillian Betancur (which held the primacy in the “female” list of Forbes for many years).

  • The second position is Alice Walton. Co-owner of the Walmart Corporation, 69 years – $44.4 billion.

Her family owned and owns the world’s largest retail chain Walmart, but Alice immediately join the family business did not. Instead, the young graduate of Trinity University (TX) has decided to first work on their own, starting from the sphere of Economics and Finance. And just getting enough experience in Analytics and brokerage business, the girl took a share in his father’s company, which brings her great dividends so far.

  • The third position is Jacqueline Mars. The Chairman of the Board Mars Incorporated, 79 years is $23.9 billion.

Its share in “sweet” company Jacqueline also inherited. In education, she is an anthropologist, however, the lack of knowledge and experience in business did not prevent her from making a huge fortune selling the famous chocolates. Jacqueline Mars joined the family business in 1982. She began working as head of Department responsible for food. Today she owns 1/3 of all of the shares of Mars Incorporated.

  • In fourth place Ian Huayang. The richest woman in China. The main shareholder of the development company Country Garden, 37 – $22,1 billion.

Yang Guoqiang daughter of Jan farmer and Builder, who built his company “country garden” (Biguiyuan) from scratch, and in 2007 gave his daughter a 70 % stake in Country Garden. Father John continued as Chairman and chief Executive officer of the company. Ian graduated from the University in 2003, She received higher education at the Ohio state University.

  • Fifth place – Susanne Klatten. The owner of the pharmaceutical company Altana and a major shareholder of carmaker BMW, 56 years – $21 billion.

The most wealthy woman in Germany has got a tasty of the shares in Altana and BMW inherited from his father. However, simply burn the resulting state is not, and immediately engaged in the development of both companies in accordance with the requirements of the new time.


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