The richest MPs allowed to hide assets. A year ago, is deprived of mandates


Богатейшим депутатам разрешили прятать имущество. Год назад за это лишали мандатов

The Duma of Ekaterinburg has rejected the public Prosecutor of the city, demanded to deprive of powers of deputies Mikhail Garanin and Vladimir Smirnov, whose tax returns were found violations. The meeting did not even discuss the issue, the decision was unanimous and taken in a minute.

The draft decision read out by the Vice-speaker of the Duma Viktor Tests. According to him, the reason for the early termination of powers of deputies are not available. “The issue was discussed at a meeting of the Commission on combating corruption and on the meeting of the standing Committee for the life of the population. Offer to make a decision without discussion,” proposed Tests. The deputies voted unanimously. The Prosecutor, who was present at the meeting, also from the speech refused.

As previously reported, “URA.RU”, the Supervisory authority accuses deputies of violating the order of submission of annual declarations on incomes and property. According to prosecutors, Vladimir Smirnov is not indicated in the Declaration of three apartments and a garage in Ekaterinburg. The Deputy explained that an apartment in his name rewrote a friend, to whom he loaned money. Therefore, the Deputy did not consider the property his. Claim to Michael Garanin built on the fact that it is wrongly stated in the Declaration of 2016 is closed to them a year earlier by the French Bank HSBC.

In October 2016, city Council voted for the early termination of powers of the three deputies — Mikhail Garanin, Oleg Khabibullin and Eugene Borovik for a less serious offense. They passed the Declaration on the expiry of the statutory period. Two weeks later the decision was canceled at the request of the first Deputy Governor of Vladimir Tungusov.


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