The revolution will happen within a week?


Революция случится уже через неделю?

Only a week left until November 5, the day that announced, supporters of opposition politician Vyacheslav Maltsev as the beginning of the revolution in Russia. The following week, Sunday, the “concerned citizens” in social networks are encouraged to enter the international meetings and to Express their disagreement with current government policy.

What will happen on 5 November? Will the revolution, and if so, what it will bring? The vision of a situation on air of radio “Freedom” to describe the leader of the movement “Barrage” Vyacheslav Maltsev, chief of staff of Navalny Leonid Volkov and the representative of Parnas Mikhail Konev.

First to the question of how realistic the program Maltsev, and is it possible in Russia today to bring people to the streets to overthrow the country’s leadership, said Leonid Volkov. He frankly admitted that the possibility of revolution does not believe, however, believes that people should go to meetings, go out as often as possible in order to claim their rights and a critical attitude towards the policy of the authorities.

That will be 5 November? Yet, according to Volkov, to talk about this difficult.

The politician is sure that the power in Russia will change but not through elections – regimes like Putin, kept to the last and then leave. So okay all these modes rocks, anything that causes them to make mistakes. Rallies, demonstrations, policy statements, provide the Kremlin great stress, of great political tension, resulting in power makes mistakes, bursting at the seams, her days are reduced. Therefore, according to Volkova, what makes Maltsev, “Parnassus”, what do members of the opposition – all this has a point.

Mikhail Konev, the representative of the party “Parnas”, supported the point of view of Volkov that people have a right to demonstrate peacefully, they have by participating in the rallies to Express their opinion. This right is spelled out in the Constitution, and the government can not interfere with its implementation.

According to Konev, the political struggle in Russia should be conducted according to the law, so the activities of a staff of Navalny and the desire of the politics to participate in elections he thinks is right. And the opposition that the opposition has power, is a striking proof that his really afraid, in his face see a threat.

Joined in the conversation and Vyacheslav Maltsev, the organizer of the rally, which is now outside the country. He said that people from different parts of the country write to him to Express their support, their willingness to go to a referendum. According to Maltsev, the people are very much interested in the campaign, the people are ready, ready even the “fifth column” in law enforcement. To make any predictions yet, but “there is a very strong reinforcement, strong wave…”

The leader of the “artillery barrage” focuses on the fact that the objective of his movement is to awaken the people, to convince him that he is the only source of power, to achieve fair elections in March 2018. Maltsev call themselves “leaders of the people”, said that his goal is to instill in people respect for themselves and to help Russia to enter into a new socio-economic formation.


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