The reunion of stars: Katy Perry Dating again from Orlando bloom


The couple broke up in March 2017.

Relationship Katy Perry and Orlando bloom, broke up in March last year, is experiencing a second development. According to rumors, a month ago, the couple vacationed in the Maldives, and now the insider newspaper the Sun Reported that Katie and Orlando are back together.

They are reunited. And Cathy is reluctant to this time they all turned out. She tried to forget him, but could not. It means a lot. But this time they do not advertise their relationship, says an insider.

In a new interview with us Glamour 33-year-old Katie admitted that in her life right now the priorities changed: she plans to become a mother.

Last year, the paparazzi photographed Katie and Orlando, when they came together for one of the events. Rumors that the pair has resumed relations, appeared then.

Perhaps the singer gave this interview after the restoration of his relationship with Orlando, in light of what her future plans sound more realistic. By the way, even after Katie and Orlando officially ceased to be a couple, they have maintained a friendly relationship and continued to “likes” each other in social networks. New photo shoot of actor Kathy even left a comment: “Beautiful.”


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