The residents demanded to cancel the screening of the Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”


Тюменцы потребовали отменить показ оперы "Иисус Христос – суперзвезда"

Residents of Tyumen after the hawks considered that the rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” offends the feelings of believers, and demanded to cancel her show in the local Philharmonic society. The appropriate letter they sent to the Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev, reports TASS with reference to press Secretary of the head of the region Olga Frolova.

“According to the authors of the letter, this Opera is aimed at creating a false representation of the divine essence of Jesus Christ, the canonical views on biblical events, she said. – Letter sent not only the Governor but also to the General Director of the Tyumen theatre and concert Association, the Prosecutor.”

The decision to cancel the show should accept the leadership of the Tyumen theatre and concert enterprises, which includes the Philharmonic, said Frolov. However, it said that it did not receive, the performance will be held as planned.

We will remind, earlier in Omsk Orthodox activists have made the cancellation of the show of the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”, which was held on November 1 at Omsk state music theatre. The city administration asked the representatives of the public movement “Family, love, Fatherland”. According to them, the rock Opera in its story is “continuous blasphemy and violation of sacred meanings; it contains, mockery of faith and blasphemy against the Holy images, that is direct blasphemy, and even the very title of the play is a mockery of sacred concepts.”

Also we will remind that earlier today the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the theatres in Russia “are unthinkable in the world of rights and freedoms”. “I honestly don’t know of a precedent, no country in the world and any era over the last couple of thousand years, starting with Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, when the theatres so enjoyed absolute freedom in the presence of state budget financing”, – said the head of the Ministry of culture.


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