The Reservoir Of The Kuban


July fishing in the reservoirs of the Kuban interesting and profitable. Seasoned anglers, who traveled the expanses of Kuban up and down, you know, a lot of small reservoirs, where the fish are and biting well.

Mass angler attractive large reservoir. They at all on hearing, because the interest is fueling a popular rumor. According to the observations, the fish in them a lot, but I think special advantages over small ponds they have. Fishing in small reservoirs were not less successful; the size and weight of the caught fish did not differ. In my opinion, fishing in small reservoirs and more comfortable, and less dangerous.

For example, 3 billion cubic meters of water in the Krasnodar reservoir formed a reservoir with a length of 46 kilometres, a width of up to 12 kilometers, to a depth of 16 meters. So where is my boat, caught carousing with a wave?.. Over the former channel of the river Kuban? Absorbed over a new water reservoir Tsinskim? Near the dam with a length of 11.6 km and the height of the bed of the Kuban river is 22 meters? This arithmetic is realized by anglers in fresh weather bloody calluses… the locals call this pond “Krasnodar”. In flowing waters of the Krasnodar sea, like in Greece, there is almost all fish in the river Kuban and its tributaries. The most numerous carp, catfish, carp, bream, perch… Not just trout and salmon that are found in the mountain rivers, or come to them in the autumn of the present salt sea to spawn.

Fishing in the Krasnodar sea still dislike — for lovers-fishermen dedicated areas: near the town of Teuchezhsk, near the village of Krasnogvardeyskoye, near the village of Starokorsunskaya, khutora imeni Lenina, within the boundaries of Krasnodar, at the junction of October and Soviet areas of the city, on the right Bank “of the sea”. On the water the boundaries of allowable sites is illusory, which leads to problems with fisheries. It is preferable to fish in other reservoirs, where it is not necessary to prove anyone that I’m “not a camel”.

This reservoir consider, in particular, Varnavinsky, located 10 kilometers West of the city of Abinsk. Water “absorbs” the water of the rivers Adagum and Abin, tributaries of the Kuban river. Initially because of the flow. The average depth of about three meters and a water surface area of 45 square kilometers. Fishing from boats is simple, without burdening the austere angler. In the course of the flight feathers of the rod length of four meters, if the purpose of fishing is RAM. Carp rods have good coils, if caught a big fish. Spinning and different faux for catching predatory fish. There are fans and clubs, “gum” market… it’s July fishing from boats is always better than fishing from the shore, and often the only possible one.

Near Krasnodar there are three reservoirs that anglers increased interest. October — in the floodplain of the river Sups. Waters flowing. The average depth of about 2.5 meters. The area of 8.5 square kilometers. In the reservoir you can catch almost all fish in the river Kuban. By the way, the same can be said about the Varnavinsky reservoir. Somewhat different species composition of fish in the Shapsug reservoir, “absorbing” the water of the rivers Ubin, Afips, SEBS. Average depth of 3.5 meters. Area of 45 square kilometers. Habitat Buffalo, Amur, silver carp, carp and carp, bream, perch and other fish species. Sinditskii reservoir most deep — average depth of about four meters. The area of 8.3 square kilometers. Situated near the village Sendit. There is also biting a variety of fish.

For fans of pike, perch and trophy carp is the most suitable Kryukovsky reservoir. It is noteworthy for the dam with a length of 23 kilometers. Area of 45 square kilometers. The average depth differ little from the depths to these reservoirs.

It should be added that of the reservoirs with the name of Varnavinsky two. They are often confused fishermen coming from other areas of the Kuban. Previously known as the Varnavinsky reservoir is located closer to the city of Krymsk. Another Varnavinsky reservoir is located near lake shapsugskoye. A significant difference, allowing to distinguish the water bodies accurately. The area and average depth are similar to the parameters Sasovskogo reservoir. Waters flowing. Species composition of similar fish species composition of fishes of the Kuban river more than 50 species.

Features summer fishing in the reservoirs is simple and straightforward. Predatory fish prefer to bite at sunrise and before dusk, especially in cloudy weather. In General, any decay heat quickens the bite. Resumes biting Lin after spawning. In the first half of the month, white Amur, Chub (white), carp, sazan, bream, catfish and pike-perch “choose” bottom gear. Chub is better caught fly fishing that proved successful for local anglers visiting the wizard. The spinning is mined in deep, catfish, pike, walleye, and white chubs. On the float rod are well caught: silver bream, crucian carp, carp, carp, ruff, Rudd, gudgeon, bleak, perch, roach (roach), bream and other “plywood”. Strange, but in July, the perch prefers the jig, as in the winter, and ruff sometimes, absolutely refuses to bite. Such “tricks” likes to present to the angler and the pike perch. Active in June, Northern pike in July, and often damaged at the sunrise. I these phenomena are poorly understood. The temperature regime of flowing waters, fed by the waters of the mountain rivers, remained almost unchanged — the bite has changed. Take this phenomenon for granted. Fishing it does not interfere. Catch carp or carp is not less interesting than, for example, perch, Zander and pike. All the time!

Summer pike bite in the reservoirs is relatively weak. Spinning dummy in this period is inferior to the live bait and frog. My choice of bait fish. But still more I like to catch a predator the other day — perch. In reservoirs at a depth of frequent strikes of bass weighing about a kilogram or more. For bait use oats, meat, crayfish, grasshopper and worms. The place of fishing lure bread. Fresh bread is preferred. The bait is quickly assembled a flock of young fish attract perch. Roach (roach) and in the summer a good bite on a worm, maggots, bread… And the larvae of dragonflies — head win. And Metalica all baits bait!.. Rudd in summer rises to the surface. Prefer to catch her way free of line, requiring skill and experience. Worm, grasshopper, dough — enough list of baits and nozzles. Carp, carp and carp it is better to catch with bait or bait. In reservoirs carp prefers the worm, carp — dough, bread, worm, maggots. Often carp are biting well on corn and young boiled potatoes, if the fishing place, lured by corn or potatoes. Lin is found, we can say, everywhere. But catching it difficult. Lin always chooses the Parking places anywhere, but clean places avoids. And we have to fish wherever you want the line, not wish — and our victory over Lin will not take place… And the weight of the line species in the reservoirs, up to 7 pounds! I learned to catch big tench in the ducts with low flow connected to the reservoir. Here, finding Parking relatively easy. I think in the reservoirs of the worm faster find other fish, and goof-Ling because rare in the catch of the angler.

Honestly, any failure of a Fisher reservoir more than compensate. For example, cool catfish. The Nightcrawlers, the guts of poultry, meat, crayfish, frog… Maybe this fish is the only one that “forces” me to take up and spinning. Fishing for catfish is more profitable in zakoryazhennyh places, at depth. Ordinary weight kgs — up to 10 pounds. In ditches and pools of the rivers flowing into the reservoir, you can catch catfish weighing up to 90 kg. examples of catfish greater weight don’t know. Obviously, soma is similar weight there is in the reservoirs — strong line had been broken more than once…

Many reservoirs and walleye. There are examples of catching a 20-pound animals. Usual weight — to 2.5 lbs. Typical places adjacent to the mouths of the rivers flowing into the reservoir. For hunting walleye’s preferred baitfish and the different oscillating trompe l’oeil, if you are using a spinning reel.

Schools of bream numerous. Usual weight — 1-5 pounds. Bream weighing about 7 kg, I fished only once, on fresh corn in the stage of “milk-wax” maturity. Nozzles and bait for catching bream is quite traditional: peas, steamed oats, bread, bunch of worms, maggots…

In July, good bite and sabrefish. Usual weight is about 400 g. Sometimes bite “sword” weighing more than 1 kg, up to 0.7 meters. Catch the “sword” on top. Prefer method free of line, but profitable and a conventional float rod and spinning. In the course of fishermen, the worm, fly, grasshopper, maggot. Successfully catch “the sword” on the wasp. The anglers use small faux different types.

White (ASP) it is better to catch in the Krasnodar reservoir, where the fish is especially many. The poplavochnikov adapt himself to catch the white on the cockroach and beetles, baitfish, dragonfly, large insects. Spin anglers prefer a spinning dummy and different innovations.

Chub and barbel, or Myron, the reservoirs do not occur. But catch them at the mouths of rivers flowing into reservoirs. Bait and heads for traditional Chub, barbel — Nightcrawlers, the larvae of dragonflies and mayflies, worms.

Of particular interest, in my opinion, is for any angler large carp. In reservoirs Kuban this fish put on weight up to 40 kg. is Found in deep places. Summer bait (worms) to be replaced by another hard. However, experiments using Nightcrawlers have also been successful. Sometimes fisherman rescues and steamed peas.

Fans of the soup from the ruff should be straight to go to the Shapsug reservoir. Here this fish is gregarious, as it should. Bait — worms, maggots.
The wizard is caught in the reservoirs and silver carp, and Buffalo, and the black Cupid, and… five dozen other fish. One article is difficult to grasp the immensity. These topics have to go back, think again.


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