The researchers analyzed the effects of global warming


Ученые проанализировали последствия глобального потепления This process may be irreversible.

The last two decades are the hottest in the entire history of the planet. Record-breaking temperatures around the world have registered over the past five years. Experts from the National oceanic and atmospheric administration believe that all factors leading to accelerated warming.

According to the climate scientist Simon Donner, who works at the University of British Columbia, every year 2 times more warm days than cold. So, at the moment there are 21 thousand of record hot days and 11 thousand record cold.

Colds ended on the planet in 1884-1929. 1904 was the coldest of all. At the moment, the development of industry leads to a rapid increase in average temperatures. Just over a century the average temperature rose 1°C.

The warming of the earth is due to greenhouse gases that concentrate in the atmosphere. Every year the amount of CO2 increases. According to experts, today the level of carbon dioxide is the highest in the last 15 million years. Before drastic climate changes on the planet.


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