The removal of the saints


The removal of the saints

Christianity is considered a monotheistic religion, despite the existence of the Trinity. But apparently, people still is not enough only one God. As once heaven was inhabited by (and in some religions still inhabit) a multitude of gods, each responsible for something different, so in Christianity, heaven is populated by many saints performing quite divine functions, each in its field. Again, the status of a Saint opens up opportunities for career growth for those who is not enough just to go to heaven. Among the saints was a very exceptional person that deserves a lot of respect for their life and contribution to the intellectual wealth of mankind, not just to become saints for what died a painful death, or drove into the water especially a lot of Gentiles. However, knowing the people, it is not surprising that such a motley and numerous company wormed their originals. Some of them I am here and present.
The article is not recommended for people with strong religious feelings.

1. Holy Barbarian.
Вынос святых


Basically, your Holy have almost anything. (Just in parenthesis, I will mention that for example the beloved Saint Nicholas among other things is the patron Saint of prostitution).
Saint Barbara was a Saint as a Saint, if not one of her phototesting areas. She is responsible for the explosions of mines (antitank and antipersonnel), artillery, and in the recent past and for the rockets of strategic purpose. As such, it is very popular, in America there is even the order of St. Barbara, issued to the gunners. Of course, no one dare to say that the responsibility St Barbara actually applies to terrorism.
Although Saint Barbara and is responsible for the rocket of strategic purpose, for their warheads, as expected, is picked up by another Saint, probably that would eliminate the abuse. However, as far as I know, the patron Saint of nuclear weapons is only in the Orthodox Church, by the mouth of the Patriarch of Moscow proclaimed the creation of the atomic bomb by the Providence of God. Is Seraphim of Sarov, was appointed patron of the weapons of mass destruction just at the place of residence (located in Sarov Nuclear Center).

2. Saint Christopher.
Вынос святых


Now Christopher is a very revered Saint, but he stood out from all of their own kind that had the dog’s head. Especially the Orthodox Church in remote from the capital cities places adhered to this tradition until the 17th century. Survived several similar icons, before which, as expected, put candles and prayers were offered.

3. Holy Winford.
Вынос святых


Probably the Saint with a dog’s head was not enough. At least among the many Holy men and a Holy one dog named Henford, who lived in the 13th century. Of course, the Holy Winford is not recognized (yet?) the official Church authorities, in other respects it is no worse than the other saints he has a place of worship, he can offer prayers and even share in the blessings of miracles from him.

4. St. Theophilus Of Adana.
Вынос святых


Saint Theophilus lived in the 6th century in Adana (Turkey). According to the report of his countryman, contemporary and biographer of Eutychian, Theophilus sold his soul to the devil to get an ecclesiastical post. Sparing some time later on the deed, Theophilus appealed to the virgin Mary, who, after the period of fasting and prayer freed Theophilus from his obligation to transfer his soul to the devil, while retaining his position. How much is known, Theophilus was not only the first that signed this kind of deal, but the only one who managed not only to get out, but even become a Saint. Probably after the first failure, the devil, gain experience, began to draft contracts competently.
By the way, the law of supply and demand did not spare relations with the underworld. If earlier for the immortal Christian soul offered almost all the kingdoms of the earth, but exposed recently on Ebay soul offered only $ 400.

5. Saints Bacchus and Sergius.
Вынос святых


Bacchus and Sergius were military and lived on the frontier among the same men as they are. Same, but not the same. Bacchus and Sergius went everywhere and even slept together. In General, professional armies of antiquity since the times of the Spartans, who out with women was allowed only a couple of times a year, this kind of thing was not something out of the ordinary. Out of the ordinary is that by adopting Christianity, Bacchus and Sergius quietly kept their relationship. Moreover, they cemented these relationships special religious ceremony wearing a beautiful name “, Adelphopoiesis”. Formally considered as twinning, the ritual itself was a form of marriage, providing for the bypass of the altar, kissing, drinking wine from the same Cup, etc. Bacchus and Sergius and now are only mentioned together. This is not the only pair of its kind. Saints Cosmas and Damian is also suspected in similar ways, but the information that they have passed the rite of adelphopoiia not considered as reliable.


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