The recession in the minds of


Рецессия в головах

Over-the-top genius

Unbelievable but true: in Russia, again talking about the possibility of recession. For those who are too lazy or busy to specify each pseudony the term, which has polluted our language beyond recognition, let me explain: it’s nothing like an economic downturn. However, there are other values in medicine, for example, but today we are interested in just that.

With such a forecast made by a Institute of Economics growth name of Stolypin, headed by the notorious business Ombudsman (how many words brought into our language!) Boris Titov. According to experts, the recession may be registered in Russia already by the end of this year. Which is quite strange for the first quarter of 2019 recorded growth of 0.5%, in the second of the official results is still “the ride”, but unofficially they say about 0,7% compared to the same period last year. That is, though inferior, but the growth.

So where’s the firewood that happened to our economic miracle that had with absolute certainty us to cover? Or that all of the victims, all efforts were in vain?! Or are we not all the recommendations of the best economists in the world performed?!

No, really, let’s get this straight!

Targetirovanie do we have inflation? Yes, even silly to ask: for a good quarter of a century (no exaggeration, around the mid-nineties) we are all over it! Target her, damn, from all angles, to breathe freely do not give it! The best minds of the state fall asleep and Wake up thinking about how good Lee was targetirovanie inflation! No, what you want, but such an accusation, whether it be voiced by anyone, would sound like blasphemy!

Maybe we took the budget deficit? Or at least balanced? So no, from year to year entirely all surplus! Directly into the envy of Europe and America – that’s who should learn from our economic geniuses! And then, you know, every year they have a deficit of 3-4%, any bonds to cover the post in a noose of debt the state is driven. Mediocrity and clumsy, in short, they need an urgent course in the HSE to organize!

Maybe the budget rule violated?! Well, no, the fiscal rule, is a work of genius genius economist Alexei Kudrin, has become for us a sacred cow. Not violated and will not violate! On the contrary, over and over again to lower the cutoff score, that damned oil money did not go into our economy, which here-here will start to grow by leaps and bounds, and settled down in various collections, where data would be stored for the best (i.e. worst, you excuse for the sudden paradox) times.

And what about the funds, by the way? I do not have eaten do we? Not allowed if in some momentary stupidity like investment, national projects, poverty reduction, increasing levels of employment? No, it’s fine with them: grow up, darling, instilling in us a legitimate pride and a sense of deep satisfaction! Agree, it is pleasant indeed to realize that your government runs on the funeral a huge amount, and they will be magnificent, solemn, beautiful?

Maybe we little helped oil and gas companies? Also a slander: helped a lot, actively, literally for any occasion! And tax benefits, and preferential loans, and tax “maneuver” on demand – all of them, breadwinners! And not only oil and gas producers we have in honor: all the oligarchs who are suffering from the sanctions, the government has provided assistance, if they are sufficiently close to the Kremlin, and for this reason may be called “strategic”.

Or — horror of horrors! – we made the unjustified growth of salaries in the country?! This is a slanderous libel on our great economic geniuses: we listen to everyone moan about how our economy will be difficult without cheap labor from Central Asia, and do everything to migrant workers was used we have a well-deserved honor and respect.

Again, pension reform was conducted. Strongly, clearly, effectively. Took dear Russians of pre-retirement age million rubles, even though the coffers are full of money, Yes surplus budgets from time to time accepted.

Have gasoline rises in price? Growing. Moreover, oil companies and even promise of compensation for lost profit, and then they, you know, it is unprofitable to Refine oil in the country, they are comfortable crude it exported to the drive. And this, mind you, instead of just to raise significantly the export duty and thus ensure faster growth of profitability of domestic processing of oil for decades to come, as would, I assure you, in any country with less intelligent (or rather, less brilliant) by economists.

Not growing, damn!

In General, you can continue indefinitely: there is no limit to the genius of our “economic unit”, over and over again he comes up with something new, interesting, and often previously unseen in the economic practice!

Although the economy is still not growing… But it is clear: sanctions damn burzhuiny cheap do not give loans, and the money we have in the economy do not invest – more then!

And now talking about a recession. Damn The Crimea! Or, as our unforgettable Alexei Ulyukayev (just before landing), “politicians create problems for the economy.” By the way, I was even scared for him, so openly and obviously none of Putin’s “vertical” is not kicked. Not in vain, as it turned out, he was afraid, but more on that some other time…

In General, some have weird economic reality turns out. Around, spit everywhere, genius, genius sits and the Higher school of Economics chases. A country that does not have real economic problems in authentic their understanding, still can not get out of the economic… Well, holes, that’s what I meant.

Just in case I make a clarification. Smart it is not necessary, but, as practice shows, not so much. But most of the “slightly less smart” loves with a serious look to say something like “what are you, economist, for the government to criticize?!” By the way, these people generally like unleash the profundity and blurt out something like “are You a poet, that he takes poetry to criticize?! Come on, write better, and then blather!” And just for any reason…

So, my dear fans something to blurt out with a straight face… in order to appreciate the work of chefs at the restaurant do not have to be a great cook. Believe me, your life experience is more than enough for this. And in order to evaluate tailor pochivshego you curve jacket, do not have to complete courses in sewing-a machine operator. Well, quite already you will finish the great Russian critic Vissarion Grigoryevich Belinsky wrote poems comparable to the “Eugene Onegin”, and novels, dwarfing that of the “Dead souls”. However, his opinion about these and other works were very popular, and almost was not in the company of idiots who would shout to him “you write!”

So let’s agree that any of us living in Russia, there is a base, and the right to set the assessment activities of our esteemed (the law is the law, sorry) to the government. And time in order to ensure the quality of our Ministers and various “Vice”, it was enough. Not only the flowers withered, but the fruits of their work we enjoy…

And as I said Christ, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. That is, we have all grounds to say that this is not cultural, useful garden tree, thorns or burrs.

Like a deck of no tasuy…

No, don’t worry, it’s not appeal to that. It’s just a statement of the fact that the competence of our government and other economists have long called into question.

We probably can find a replacement for those ignoramuses who in the years of perestroika in your mind plus to minus changed (and Vice versa), and live with the “Capital” in the head. Except that Marx was considered bad, they are now considered good and Vice versa.

Of course, an attentive reader, I will object: say, Titov and his “Institute” — one more source. All is well, my careful reader, all the way. Personally, I Titov reminds instructor of physical therapy, which burst on to the doctors and demanded to send a patient who needs urgent surgery and resuscitation in the gym.

But how to be with information available in other sources:

In addition, the lowest rates of use of budgetary funds was recorded in the national projects, which could provide the greatest multiplier effect, “Increasing productivity and promoting employment” (budget was executed 17.7%), “Safe and high-quality highways” (the budget was executed by 12.2%), “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” (the budget is executed 8.3%).

But the projects really are the last hope for economic growth in modern Russia. Without them, only the “budget rule” and other “genius” mentioned above…


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