The rebellion in “LPR” – the rise of a coup


Мятеж в "ЛНР" - подъем с переворотом

The junta, “LC” panic: psevdorespubliki leader Igor Plotnitsky nearly deprived of office, “interior Minister” Igor cornet. Muscle-flexing and one panic another demonstrated the absurdity of the situation: conspirators who are against the Ukrainian state, ready now to fight against each other. At stake is control over financial flows, “LC”, the impact on the self-proclaimed Republic and “agrément” from the Kremlin. The struggle is, without exaggeration, a life and death.

Cornet vs “hussar

In Lugansk for the long-brewing conflict between Igor Plotnitsky and Igor Cornet. The head of “Republic” and “interior Minister” jealously towards each other, each of them claimed the role of the master of the “LC”. The first, whose signature is under the Minsk agreements and with whom a week ago on the phone talking to Vladimir Putin sincerely believes that the championship for him. Second – not once accused of trying to “spin” someone else’s movable and immovable property, felt “LC” if not the first, at least second person.

A verbal duel and Cornet Carpenter lasted six months and now ended with a public eviction “interior Minister” of their stolen house and the decision to “court” to dismiss him from office. The head of “LNR” was personally present at the removal of things Cornet of the “pressed” them back in 2014 at home. The Minister, of course, could not tolerate such an attack of accomplice. And accused Plotnitsky of murder eks-a premiere Gennady Tsyplakov, who in September 2016, was accused of plotting a coup, and many other sins. Yes, and that was to be expected from people who are in a conspiracy against Ukraine gained control of the “LC”?

November 21, in Lugansk there have been movements of people in armored vehicles and full gear. They blocked the administrative building. To understand in the commotion, who were the “others”, and who “his” can be difficult. But all these maneuvers allowed Igor Plotnitsky to say about the coup attempt. In the history of the “LC” sounds like a joke. The people, who seized power in Lugansk in the result of a conspiracy against the Ukrainian state, appeal to some “laws” of this fake Republic. Although it is obvious that their statements are directed only to one recipient, Vladimir Putin.

Managed a coup

Carpenter’s statements about the coup attempt and then the information of the Ukrainian leadership about the relocation to Russia through the border military equipment in Luhansk, forced Moscow to distance itself from the events in “LC”. Like, what is happening there is an internal affair of the breakaway Republic. Well, what other internal things can be in the “LC”? And although the Kremlin pretends that strife Carpentry and Cornet – their private affair, it is obvious that it is not. And for the first, and for a second there’s someone to “look after” in Lugansk.

Statement on the coup in “LNR” were another reason for entering on the territory of Ukraine columns of military equipment from Russia. In this regard, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was forced to convene a war Cabinet. In Kiev, in Moscow, took advantage of the situation in order to throw new forces in the occupied Donbass. The coup attempt could have become a banal dramatization of the Kremlin to increase its military presence in the Donbas. After all “curators” from Russia to resolve the conflict would be possible with one shot – Cornet or Carpentry.

Each of pseudoliberal psevdorespubliki hopes to help Putin. The latter, obviously, this competition is impressed. Leaders of terrorists in Luhansk are ready to “kill” each other in a power struggle, and this struggle and unity, so to speak, of opposites, which allows you to divide and conquer the Kremlin.

Why Moscow coup in the LC“?

Event “LC” come against the backdrop of negotiations on the Donbass between the US special envoy Kurt Volker and assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov. Ahead – considering in the UN security Council the question of the peacekeeping mission in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions (ORDA) and the vote in the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the reintegration of Donbass. For Moscow it is crucial to create additional “arguments” in order to convince Ukraine to accept the Russian plan of settlement of the situation in the Donbass.

Could the “coup” in the “LC” to become one of the ways to encourage Ukraine to adoption of the plan of the Kremlin? Completely. Like, even Vladimir Putin, who a week ago were discussing on the phone with Igor Plotnitsky, a plan of exchange of prisoners with Ukraine, is not able to affect the mood in Luhansk. And only the UN peacekeepers, among whom are the Russians able to change something. And ORDO situation stabiliziruemost, if Ukraine would agree to Amnesty for militants and the holding of local elections before the withdrawal from the territory of foreign military forces.

In short, if someone “LC” organizes a coup, and second, having the power, peacefully contemplating the Kremlin this process, so the plot – not that other, as part of some larger plan. And this is not conspiracy theories. This is the reality of a hybrid war against Ukraine, which now leads Russia.



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