The Prosecutor’s office will check the school where the child is banned from eating in the dining room


Прокуратура проверит школу, где ребенку запретили обедать в столовой

The situation in one of schools of Ekaterinburg became interested in the Prosecutor’s office. According to available information, one of the students of the institution were forbidden to eat together with their classmates in the dining room.

“The conversations went, the hints hinted at, and now just said. Said several times. “Don’t sit down, he is eating with us at the same table”,” — wrote on his page in Facebook the mother of a student of school No. 200, which was previously entitled to preferential food, but later the family lost the status of large families. Then the child began to eat the charge, and then bring your lunch from home.

According to the woman, then her son forbade eat your food at a table with classmates. “That is, imagine the oil painting, how cool is suitable to the child, takes the button, moving closer to him and softly broadcasting, looking into his eyes, “You don’t sit down with us and it is better not eat in this change, and I was the Director scolds”” — outraged the mother of the student. According to her, she had a few days to carry out “preventive conversations” with his son to calm him down and explain “what and how in this world is, and what link in the food chain is canteen workers”. “And all wonder why these children are with axes and “Molotov” schools run?”according to women, this behavior of the school staff may even have a negative impact on the psyche of children.

The administration of the institution will be surveyed, reported in Prosecutor’s office of the Sverdlovsk region. The school will also check for compliance with sanitary norms and rules.



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