The project RussianGate ceases to exist after the material real estate of the head of the FSB


Проект RussianGate прекращает существование после материала о недвижимости главы ФСБ

Chief editor of the project RussianGate reporting of undeclared property of the FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, dismissed. About it the editor-in-chief Alexandra Elagina said the radio station “Echo of Moscow”, – told in social networks member of “Echo” Alexey Solomin.

Also, according to Elagin, publishing RussianGate ceases to exist, is now solved a question on excitation of criminal case on extremism.

“It’s hard to assume, it seems that conspiracy theories, but this case before the election may become a good shot,” suggested the journalist, points out “the Media”.

Yelagina said that she, as the chief editor of the newspaper, there was an agreement with investors, pursuant to which Russiangate not want to publish articles about President Vladimir Putin, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) and the Putin’s inner circle. The journalist suggested that the edition was closed due to violation of the third part of the agreement.

Earlier it became known that the site RussianGate publishing investigations about corruption in Russia have been blocked. Elagina associated with placing the material about the undeclared property of the head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov.

According to the investigation, “”Bortnikova”: as the head of the FSB and his Deputy had concealed property in Sestroretsk”, “full namesakes” of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov, his wife Tatyana Bortnikov and his Deputy Sergei Smirnov have areas in the Resort district of St. Petersburg. The publication refers to the fact that in the declarations of this property is not specified, and supposedly Rosreestr hides data ownership.

The article also stated that near the head of the FSB is the property of his Deputy, General Sergei Smirnov. In the Declaration of the Deputy head of the FSB real estate is also no. Also among neighbors — the top management and the son of the head of LSR Group Andrey Molchanov, the largest developer of St. Petersburg.



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