“The Progress party Luchinskogo wallet.” Navalny got under a skating rink of the left and right


"Партия Прогресса Лешинского кошелька". Навальный попал под каток левых и правых

Alexei Navalny a long time ago retrained from the contrary in neobroker and hipora, which is just looking for an excuse on which to be promoted. That after the Russian authorities announced the need for pension reform, he, like a dog, poilevaya tail, arranged on its hype party.

It is worth noting that more recently, Navalny has persistently advocated this reform, and now suddenly spat on his political principles. As a result, greed fraera ruined, and the Bulk arrived for his constant thirst hype and PR and left and right.

"Партия Прогресса Лешинского кошелька". Навальный попал под каток левых и правых

The wife of the coordinator of the Left front Anastasia Udaltsova famously rode on, as she calls Navalny a “beacon of liberal opposition,” while not sparing a scathing and sarcastic expressions in his address. She ridiculed the fact that the speed with which the Bulk with his family gathered belongings and left to rest abroad, once again substituting its supporters, which he sent for themselves to be answerable to meetings and to be substituted under the batons.

Udaltsov also noted that because of their greed and cowardice Navalny lost its electorate, even among schoolchildren. It is not surprising that in his meetings came only to his staff , sitting on a salary. And then, when they attempted to worm his way into the meeting of the Communist party in Omsk, which was conducted by the Communists, they immediately kicked out.

All activities Navalny Udaltsov gave a clear definition of political flyugerstvo, and the party renamed the “Party of Progress Losinogo wallet” software application which is nothing more than populism.

More funny is that if Navalny argued for the reform and increasing the retirement age, now his colleagues demand an inadequate solution to reduce it to 45 years.

Although he is not the first time possess the mind and gives such unreasonable ideas. As said the Chairman of the “Party of free Citizens” Alexander Zorin, Navalny once promised to increase the minimum wage to 25 thousand roubles and to pay the naive students on 10 thousand Euro for the unauthorized rally on Tverskaya street.

Bulk to really not care about the needs of ordinary people, pension reform is for him just another reason to give yourself the self-promotion and to arrange regular collection of donations from my small audience, then the money to take off to foreign beaches. So if he tried to put himself in the role of policy, in fact he’s just a political corpse.




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