The President of the United States approved new sanctions against Russia


Президент США одобрил новые санкции в отношении России

The President of the United States Donald trump approved new sanctions against Russia. Russia is accused of violation of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces (INF), the newspaper writes Poltico, citing a senior representative of the administration.

“The US administration is applying new sanctions against Russia, which it hopes will force her to adhere to the Treaty on nuclear weapons during the cold war, which she broke by expanding the prohibited cruise missile” – leads the publication the words of an American official.

Reportedly, the Ministry of Commerce of the United States “would punish Russian companies that provided technology to help develop a new weapon, which was prohibited by the Treaty”.

According to the representative of the administration, the purpose of sanctions is to “change the economic calculations” of the Russian government and to inform Russia that the administration is trump serious about violations of the contract, reports “Interfax”.

The decision on introduction of sanctions against Russia was taken after lengthy analysis, conducted by the national security Council, said the representative of the administration.

In addition, as the official said, in addition to new sanctions by the Ministry of defence will begin research and development on new nuclear cruise missile, as provided for in the recently approved defense budget.

He explained that the study will include evaluation of design alternatives of new ground-based nuclear cruise missiles, which is permitted in accordance with the contract.


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