The President of Catalonia signed a document of independence


Президент Каталонии подписал документ о независимостиCatalonia heading towards independence.

The head of the government of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme and other executives of autonomy signed a document proclaiming independence of the region from
it was signed by his Deputy, Mr. Oriol Junqueras, the head of the Parliament of Catalonia Carme Forcadell and 72 deputies of the legislative body.

It is expected that the document will put to the vote of Parliament if negotiations with Madrid would fail.

Earlier Putteman said that the results of the vote on 1 October are entitled to announce the creation of an independent state, however, asked the Parliament to suspend the proclamation of independence a few weeks to start a dialogue with the Italian authorities.

Recall, October 1, residents of Catalonia voted for a referendum on independence, which does not recognize the government of Spain. For independence in favor of more than 90% voted, but the turnout barely exceeded 40%.


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