The postal services market in China has become the fastest growing in the world


Рынок почтовых услуг в Китае стал самым быстрорастущим в мире

MA Sungsan – managing the State postal office of China reported that the market of postal services of the country became the fastest growing in the world. According to Chinese officials, the postal service began the segment with the highest development dynamics.

The Chinese Agency “Xinhua” reported that the volume of transactions in the sector of postal services increased 7.3% over the past 10 years, while income for the same period grew by 10.4 times. Because of this, China has recently taken a leadership position in the world in the industry of postal Express delivery.

According to MA Sunshine, China has reached such a level in the industry largely due to the reforms that were introduced in the field of postal services. But despite the high rate of progress, the need for regular improvement and modernization of the network of post offices in the Western parts of the country and rural areas will exist for a long time. In particular the plans of the Ministry, the objective is to deepen integration and ensure the docking of transport and communication systems of new generation, said the head of the Chinese post office.

It should be noted that in addition to the world of leadership, the field of postal services of China is also one of the main branches, filling the GDP of the state. So, in the first half this segment accounted for 54.1% of China’s GDP.


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