The popularity of the gluten-free diet decreases


Популярность безглютеновой диеты снижается

With each passing day, the popularity of gluten-free diets is reduced. Meanwhile, grain prices remain at a disadvantage because of the huge number of diets involving a reduction in the consumption of carbohydrates, writes World-Grain.

Recently, the managers of the two companies – The Ginger Network and Grain Foods Foundation have combined their efforts and made a report at the IBIE-2019. The theme of their report word for word was: “the media form the market of bakery products”. It became made public on 8 September.

A gluten-free diet is a diet involving complete exclusion from the diet foods containing gluten or gluten. It is indicated for the treatment of celiac disease and its related symptoms. Celiac disease is a digestive disorders caused by damage to the villi of the small intestine some food. To cure it, doctors advise patients to refuse food containing wheat, rye or barley.

As reports “КазахЗерно.kz” some time ago a gluten-free diet promoted as one of ways of losing weight. Now, thanks to the intervention of specialists it is recognized as a specific. Its worth keeping just for those who have celiac disease. The media stopped advertising it as a healthy alternative to normal diet.

Meanwhile, in the world are gaining popularity of the diet, suggesting the lowest possible consumption of fiber. On the one hand this is bad for manufacturers of bakery products, on the other hand people still eat them but in smaller amounts than before.

The Ginger Network, and Grain Foods Foundation conducted a study and analyzed a large flow of information. They calculated that the diet is gluten free used 11 thousand times on social media, radio and the Internet, while glyphosate is a popular pesticide in the world – 16 thousand times in the last two years. Yes, glyphosate is more popular because tens of thousands of people are suing its producer, alleging that he had suffered from him.

Do not think that the popularity of a gluten-free diet is gone forever. Like fashion comes back after a couple years, and she might again occupy the first place in the ranking of popularity. For over thirty years and noticed this.

The Ginger Network, and Grain Foods Foundation have concluded that the rejection of gluten in the diet can affect the health of the intestine. It can deteriorate due to the shortfall of the body’s microbiomes of prebiotics and probiotics. Therefore, it is necessary to think hundred times before deciding to give up cereal, holding a diet.


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