The popular resorts of Thailand found the headless body


На популярных курортах Таиланда нашли обезглавленные телаAlso discovered the head of a woman

In Thailand at popular tourist resorts were found decapitated bodies of two men and the woman’s head. Two bodies were found on the beaches of Mae Rampueang and PMY Beach Rayong province, 40 kilometers from the resort of Pattaya.

Police said that one of the men had three tattoos in English on the wrist and cuts on his neck. He died about a week ago. A second decapitated body was found on a nearby beach, 10 kilometers from the first. The body also belongs to the man, it was wearing underwear. Police believe the man died at least 10 days before the body was found.

The district chief of police reported that earlier this week near Marina, fishermen found the woman’s head, she had long hair and had clearly been in the water for many days. The body was taken to the police hospital for autopsy. Currently examines all the lists of missing persons to try to find the relatives of the victims. The police suspect that the terrible discoveries linked.


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