The Polish government resigned


Польское правительство ушло в отставку The President presented Szydlo act on the resignation of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The Polish government under the leadership of Beata Szydlo on Friday officially resigned.

The President of the Republic Andrzej Duda handed Szydlo act on the resignation of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers during an official ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. At the same time he instructed Szydlo to lead the government until the formation of a new Cabinet. In addition, Duda has nominated Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Moravcova as Prime Minister and instructed him to form a Cabinet. Now the Prime Minister, as they convened the government, must be approved by the Polish Parliament.

On Thursday evening, Szydlo has submitted his resignation to the political Committee of the ruling party “law and justice”. The Committee accepted the resignation and chose a candidate for the post of Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and development Mateusz Moravcova.
The vote in Parliament on the issue of confidence in the government Moravcova scheduled for Tuesday, December 12.


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