The play of Sergei Babkin forbidden to show in Lutsk


Theater employees verbally denied him.

Performance with participation of the singer and actor Sergey Babkin and his wife Snezhana banned in drama in luck. And the letter ban sent to the regional Council.

This local edition of “Волинь24” said the theatre’s Director Anatoly Oyster.

“We received a letter from the regional Council signed by first Deputy Chairman (Alexander Eroica) that it is inexpedient to give in the rent. We are in the municipal property, therefore, must ask permission,” explained Oyster.

However, he added that he did not know the reasons for the ban of the play, but this situation occurs not for the first time.

“Previously banned performances of Potap and Nastya, “DeAngelo”. This is due to their activities in Russia. Also at the time we banned the production Poderevyansky, because he considered it inappropriate profanity from the stage,” he told Oyster.


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