The plan of arrangement last


План обустройства прошлого

There is nothing sillier and at the same time easier than to rewrite history. Fortunately, that no responsibility for this one, and never shall be.

Everyone has a plan for the construction of the past. Of course, the ideal, in comparison with similar plans of other citizens. And this is understandable. Equip past is much easier than even to teach players and coaches of the national team winning the world Cup.
Show completely…

Some believe that in order to equip the country that they, like everyone else, has long been irretrievably lost, it was necessary to develop as the most developed country in 1913 — it was intense and inspiring (4-6% per year). Then I had to do what made the king Emperor- to join in a world war, lose it 5 million people, but the main thing is not to dwell on it in 1917, and continue as happily and enthusiastically to die for the black sea Straits. Well, of course, perfectly tangible and real benefits that war provides crystal honest Industrialists, businessmen and their lobbyists in high offices.

Supporters of this option arrangement last convinced that people only dreamed of — put a couple million lives. Bread does not feed him — give the priest the king to die. Well, of course, with troublemakers who “crept out of the pale of settlement”, should be harder. Shoot, there poveshat. Well, you know…

Equip other country, which they lost, in their own way. King — a fool and a villain. Denied — thank God. All power to the Provisional government! Waiting for the Constituent Assembly, the normal bourgeois Parliament and not rock the boat. For another, the very very best of life people are not ready — not educated, not cultured.

And the third development plan last too long there. They know that people are very ready for anything long ago. The state to dissolve. Anarchy — mother of order. Somehow, anything by itself will leave… And not come out, so you’re all bastards and traitors of the case of the working people.

Fourth sure that nothing in the past do not touch. It is well equipped: the first was Lenin and his ally Stalin. Together, they did everything right — took power, land and factories to the people distributed. But Lenin was something not completed, not on time playing in the Mausoleum. Had Stalin, for it to persist. He rolled up his sleeves and spent a lovely collectivization and industrialization in the interests of working people. Then won the war for Hitler. And became our country is fantastic — powerful and beautiful. Steel and falcons soar above it…

Of course, there were some excesses in big business without them? A million or so were shot, a few million in camps were (mostly enemies, of course), millions more have died themselves from hunger during the collectivization. But what to do, chop wood — chips fly.

Then (the thing!) it turned out that in the glorious Soviet Union, where all the help of good people under the leadership of the party was building socialism, hiding a couple dozen unreliable, reactionary peoples. Again, I had to take Stalin, for this problem, roll up their sleeves, all the villains were forced into re-education in Siberia and Kazakhstan. Not to be pampered!

Then, when Stalin, having made a lot of wonderful, rested, it became clear that not everyone with him and the shot put, were villains. Well, the party to fix everything — who survived — that was rehabilitated, who not too was rehabilitated, but posthumously. It was also found that not all deported peoples were reactionary and suspicious, so some were allowed to return home. The rest continued to live there, where he pointed out the party.

Then — you know how it was. Broke into space, caught up with US arms, and began gradually to accumulate fat. But unfortunately in the party of entrenched and hidden enemies — the agents of world imperialism. They had been waiting an hour, and then, when Washington gave the go-ahead, took up a favorite thing is to destroy this country. Well, and in 1991 he succeeded, damned beast.

But not all cat carnival. They did not know that the left still loyal to the patriots. They have long disguised themselves as reformers, and with them hurricanes in the 1990s (so nobody suspected anything, because imperialism was not asleep). But then came and said: guys vote for us, for we are purely for Home. There is just a coincidence that the house began to explode, and the gate went to war, seeking to conquer not only Chechnya, but also our Dagestan.

Here is our honest patriots, of course, could not resist, and say, till! Well, as gave them, as a given, and all save. Then, in 2008, again could not resist. Because the soul is so kind. See, the evil Georgians hurt themselves our brothers — Ossetians — well, what gave them the Georgians, as given… saved Ossetians and piece of land a little increment. I was so fond of saving fellow citizens from the different there all the Nazis that could not stop in Crimea, they will save, in the East of Ukraine, in Syria… But most importantly — they always make it right.

The moral here is: in the Restructuring of us with the manual with no luck, and now is sheer luck. Yes…

But I got carried away. Plans for the restructuring of the past — straight to the restructuring of the present. However, it always happens.

But I will tell you in the end. There is nothing sillier and at the same time easier than to rewrite and arrange the past. Fortunately no responsibility for this no one ever carries. But the thing is that history is only as only, and may be at any given moment. And no “but if…”. After all, if it happen accidentally, then if you look closely, it is easy to see patterns. Because of chance — is not random.


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