The photographs of Antarctica have found an object similar to a flying saucer


На снимках Антарктиды нашли объект, похожий на летающую тарелку This is not the first such discovery on the continent.

A tireless researcher of the paranormal V. Degterev, if you trace his explorations, most of all pay attention somehow to the Dyatlov pass and Antarctica. The first preferred location of the study more understandable, Valentin himself from the Urals (Nizhny Tagil), but the icy continent why he was so attracted – a little mystery.

However, this can be explained because it Degterev finds most interesting, for example, the ancient pyramids, some mysterious bunkers or entrances in them. And finally frozen in the ice flying alien ships. Valentine argues that such discoveries were made possible for two reasons: appearance and to improve mapping services like Google Maps or Google Earth, as well as rapid ice melting in Antarctica.

На снимках Антарктиды нашли объект, похожий на летающую тарелку

The other day Valentin Degterev pleased subscribers to its video channel a new discovery: he found the pictures on Google Earth mysterious object, very reminiscent of a flying saucer aliens. According to the researcher, he noticed this unusual structure even in the photos of 1997, but then it was quite clear that the artifact or slightly thawed rock. Now, when the ice from the object came down even more, it is possible to determine what it is.

First, this is clearly a man-made object, probably a crashed alien ship. Secondly, a very ancient artifact, which, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of years and even millions.

На снимках Антарктиды нашли объект, похожий на летающую тарелку

For a “plate” to equip the expedition, dreamy sighs Valentine, but… no private company is not able to retrieve from under the ice this apparatus, which, apparently, is about 600 metres in length and not less than 100 meters in height. And no one will allow her to do so. The monster only international project, thanks to which mankind could acquire alien technology, and not only…

Note that Valentin finds in Antarctica is not the first crashed UFO. Unfortunately, all his attempts to bring this to the attention of world leaders and international scholars to what has not yet resulted.

If they don’t believe in miracles, like a UFO, or believe such projects unprofitable, and most likely, according to some commentators, you know about Antarctica and its mysteries much more simple Ural researcher, and therefore very careful, even in the estimates of these findings, not that organize some expeditions…


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