The phenomena of nature, surprising even scientists. Photo


Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. ФотоNature knows how to surprise.

The less ancient people knew about science and the world, the large number of myths have grown a phenomenon which scientists give a very logical explanation. I would, of course, to believe in magic, but in this case all real and prosaic.

1. Sun pillars

This phenomenon can be seen by any man, no matter where he was. Great minds explain it quite simply. Solar pillars – an optical illusion that occurs around the light source (sun or moon). In essence, it is the result of interaction between any heavenly body and the ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

2. Red rainbow

Red or “bloody” a rainbow can be seen mostly during sunset. At this time, the sun’s rays to overcome in the air over long distance that directly affect the index of refraction for the wavelengths of color. As a result, all colors are scattered, and the red remains.

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

3. Mother of pearl clouds

Primarily, this beauty can be observed in winter and spring in Alaska, Antarctica, Northern Canada, Iceland and the other Nordic countries. Mother of pearl clouds – a very rare phenomenon. They are called stratospheric clouds, because they are formed in the lower atmosphere (the stratosphere) at a height not to exceed 27 km, and very low temperatures (below -78С).

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

4. Volcanic lightning

Unusual natural phenomenon can be observed only at the time of the eruption. At the moment when the column of ash comes out of the vent, the particles have a negative charge, and condensed volcanic gases – a positive charge, while their interaction and you can see visible bits

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

5. Videobritney clouds

Can be seen everywhere, but most often this phenomenon is observed in the United States. In essence, it’s Cumulus clouds, which are an intricate form because of the impact of tropical cyclones, when the heavier air begins to sink and forms a kind of pockets.

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

6. Frozen bubbles of methane

A natural phenomenon of wondrous beauty can be seen at lake Abraham in Canada, and on lake Baikal. In winter, when the waters of these ponds are covered with ice, bubbles of gas (methane) that rise from water depths reaching the surface, freeze. Then, through the clear ice you can see this amazing beauty.

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

7. Aurora

Aurora is, in essence, the same as the Northern lights. This colorful glow in the upper atmosphere is caused by the interaction of nitrogen and oxygen with charged particles from the Sun. A similar phenomenon periodically can admire the inhabitants of the various territories of the poles, but to predict the radiance is very difficult, so every time it becomes a big success for the witnesses.

Феномены природы, удивляющие даже ученых. Фото

Despite the concise scientific explanation for all these phenomena were, are and will be very impressive and fascinating. Seeing them, it is not necessary to delve into the knowledge on physics do chemistry, and just enjoy the beauty of the world, which is infinitely beautiful and amazing.


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