The people of Ukraine has offered to replace the bow with nettles


Жителям Украины предложили заменить лук крапивой

Acting Minister of health of the country Suprun bow called “anti-social product” and urged to replace it with cheaper “analogues”

Acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun advised citizens to abandon the use of the bow and replace it with cheaper “analogues”, for example, nettles. The price of onions in Ukraine has increased to an average of 39 hryvnias (us$1.5) per kilogram, and a half-two times more than oranges and bananas.

“Today, many people think, what products you can replace the onions. It is not to your taste, causes allergies, aggravates irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes downright anti-social product. It turns out that onions can be replaced by a no less useful and nutritious products”,

– wrote Suprun on Facebook after social networks Ukrainians began to actively discuss the high price of onions.

Among other substitutes Suprun and called nettles.

“Onions contain few vitamins and minerals. Much more useful are the green onions and leeks. <…> In the leeks and green onions, lots of vitamins A, K, B6 and magnesium. You will be surprised, but comparable levels of vitamins and minerals, also in the nettle. It can be added to green soup or rice”,

– recommends that the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of health.

Among other products that will allow Ukrainians to abandon dear Luca, she called the celery and parsnips. “Comparable and not as anti-social products can be dill, cinnamon, ginger, cilantro and coriander seeds”, – said Suprun. Acting Ministry of health believes that fried onions you can substitute fried radishes.“Radishes, like onions, are rich in sulfur-containing compounds and can provide some sweet bitterness and aroma,” she said. In pate or roast, in her opinion, instead of onions you can use apples and pears.





Earlier Suprun has called on the people of Ukraine in your Facebook to refuse black caviar by going for the red. Then she recalled that eating this delicacy leads to the disappearance of some fish species, while the most useful properties of this product can be found in the caviar and salmon.

“The expression “mountain onion” to reflect”, – commented on the initiative of the acting Minister of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition bloc Sergiy Larin. “Administr” Suprun began to not only teach the Ukrainians to wash their hands and brush their teeth and to distinguish social from anti-social products, – he wrote in Facebook. Now her wishes coincided with the space prices for vegetables in the agrarian superpower. And now “the main negotiator” advised the residents of the former barns to go to pasture and to look for analogues of the usual vegetables”, – said Sergiy Larin, advising Suprun to quit.

Crisis vegetable production

According to Ukrainian experts, the formation of high prices of onions was influenced by a number of factors. First, the lack of government planning, vegetable production in the previous year. Second, the export of Ukraine’s stocks of onions due to crop failure in European countries. In this regard, Kiev have to buy onions in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, which are in strong demand raised prices. Only in February – March to Ukraine from Asian countries brought 35 thousand tons of beef product. And in just the first four months of the year the country imported onions as much as the previous two years.


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