The people of Nepal are suffering from unprecedented floods and landslides


Жители Непала страдают от невиданных наводнений и оползнейAs a result of floods and landslides another 10 people are still missing

“As a result of floods and landslides caused by heavy rains that poured in the last 24 hours, in Nepal killed more than 30 people”, – stated in the message.

According to local officials, another 10 people were missing and the death toll is likely to grow as much of the country is under water. It is noted that the officers increased the rescue teams of soldiers, police and local residents to help those who are trapped on rooftops or on higher grounds. In the country damaged roads and bridges. So, in the Eastern city of Biratnagar runway of the airport is also covered with water, which led to the suspension of flights.

Local officials opened temporary shelters for displaced persons in schools and public buildings. We will remind, earlier it was reported that as a result of deteriorating weather conditions in Japan, Beijing cancelled more than 1.2 thousand mainly domestic flights.


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