The Pentagon said the increased activity of Russian trolls


Пентагон заявил о возросшей активности российских троллейThe Russian disinformation campaign has already begun.

Press Secretary of the Pentagon Dana white said at a briefing on 14 April that the activity of Russian Internet trolls in the last 24 hours has increased by 2000%.

According to CNN, this is due to the impact of the US and allies in Syria.

“The Russian disinformation campaign has already begun. In the last 24 hours the activity of the Russian trolls have increased by 2000%, so we will keep you informed of events,” said white.

The US, Britain and France on Saturday launched air strikes on military targets in Syria that is associated with the chemical weapons.The United States has threatened the Syrian authorities with new strikes if the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies will again use chemical weapons.


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