The Pentagon is creating a program that will assess and influence social media users


В Пентагоне создают программу, которая будет оценивать и влиять на пользователей социальных сетейThe Pentagon wants to develop software that is able to assess and influence the audience of social networks.

The program should track and analyze social networks in different languages and the audience. The tender, which sets out the requirements for program requirements, U.S. Army posted on the government portal.

Defense Ministry plans to make such a design that it could “translate into English materials from social networks” with seven languages: Arabic, Korean, Pashto, Russian, Urdu, Farsi and French.

The program will also track and analyze text and voice notes, images, etc.) from social networks.

The Pentagon want the program to analyze different segments of the audience “by reading and processing colloquialisms, differences in spelling, slang, symbols and emoticons” used in social networks.

From ON demand and automatically interpret the mood of the publications in three categories: negative, neutral or positive.

In fact, the us army wants to find a company that would develop artificial intelligence, able to carry out tasks within a particular social network.

It is anticipated that should automatically be updated as information processing, “based on acquired knowledge and experience.”

The program should also have the ability “to make assumptions as to whether it may have on a particular audience effect”.


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