The Pentagon has warned airlines about a missile strike on Syria


Пентагон предупредил авиакомпании о ракетном ударе по Сирии

The Federal air transport Agency and the European aviation safety Agency (EASA) sent a notice to airlines about the dangers of fly over the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea.

The telegram sent by the Federal air transport Agency on 10 April, a source told TASS that the airlines are asked to pay particular attention when planning flights in the area and reminded of the need to monitor NOTAM — notices to airmen with the operational information. For some reason, released a warning in a telegram to the Federal air transport Agency does not specify.

The European aviation safety Agency on 10 April also notified the airline about the need to strengthen the monitoring of flights in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the district of Nicosia (Cyprus). EASA pointed out that such a measure is necessary because of possible air strikes on Syria with cruise missiles and/ or rockets of a class air-to-ground within the next 72 hours.

In EASA warned about the possibility of failures in operation of air navigation equipment for the missile strike.

7 APR several non-governmental organizations operating in the Syrian region of Eastern ghouta, reported the use of chemical weapons in Duma, in which there are numerous dead and injured.

Responsibility for the use of chemical weapons, the US and other Western countries entrusted to the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The President of the United States Donald trump also said that Russia and Iran are supporting Assad’s regime will pay “heavy price”.

April 9, trump said that in two days will decide whether to use military force in Syria in response to alleged chemical attack.

In April 2017, the United States accused the Assad regime of using chemical weapons in Idlib province and launched a missile attack on the airfield of the Syrian air force, which, according to the Pentagon, flew the aircraft involved in the chemical attack.

Russia and Syria have all allegations of use of chemical weapons categorically deny.

On 10 April, the UN security Council held a meeting on the situation in Syria. The session presented three resolutions relating to the investigation of incidents involving the use of chemical weapons — two Russian and one American. None of them was not accepted.


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