The Pentagon has made a bold statement about Russia


В Пентагоне сделали смелое заявление относительно России The US defense Department responded to the creation of new types of weapons in Russia.

USA can answer a hypothetical massive attack from Russia, which does not know about the location of American submarines, said in the military. The leaders of the Pentagon appealed to Russia with a message, noting that the United States is able to respond to any threats and weapons of Moscow.

The statements were made during the budget Committee hearings of the Congress on armed forces in response to the questions of the legislators regarding the statements of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on new weapons.

“We are ready to all the existing threats, and nobody should doubt that, – said the head of the Strategic command of the armed forces of the USA General John Gaitan. They can’t do anything except massive attack against our country, which we can answer… by the Way, they don’t know where our submarines, and they are able to destroy their country if we go this direction”.

In turn, the Deputy Minister of defense John Rood said that Putin’s statement “although not unexpected, but still disappointing”.

“We are concerned about some provisions of the doctrine that come from Russia, talks about the early escalation, the strengthening of the role of nuclear weapons in the conflict, said Ores and denied allegations of Moscow that it is developing new nuclear weapons in connection with the refusal of Washington to adhere to previous agreements in the field of arms control.

“The US continues to remain faithful to our obligations in the field of arms control, said the Deputy Minister. – Unfortunately, the previous practice of the Russian Federation in regard to compliance with obligations in the field of arms control, leaves much to be desired”.


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