The pediatrician told whether to drink the medicine to thin mucus


Mucolytics can not prevent pneumonia or bronchitis.

Autumn – the season of colds or influenza. So parents are buying pre-medication that will help to quickly overcome the disease, reports the with reference to the Channel 24.

Some parents with long-term cough can buy mucolytics – means thinning phlegm, says the pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist Elena Orlova.

The use of mucolytics – relief of chronic and serious diseases involving formation of dense mucus which should be output from the lungs, so as not to disturb them to perform their function. For example, they are used actively in cystic fibrosis.

However, people with chronic lung diseases though a lot, but much less than people with SARS.

Therefore, producers of mucolytics would like to see them used not only in pulmonology, but also in the treatment of cough SARS.

If mucolytics with SARS

The doctor noted that preventing pneumonia or bronchitis they can’t. That without them, the mucus falls into the lungs or it will not work – not true.

The mucolytics are the side effects – most often from the gastrointestinal tract. For example, if earlier the child was just coughing, then with the use of mucolytics may experience bronchospasm and fever. Bronchospasm – what is it?

This spasm of the bronchi as the result of an allergic reaction, with obstructive bronchitis or asthma. Bronchospasm may be partial (partial) and complete (total). During a total of bronchospasm breathing is almost there.

Assign mucolytics to children, especially to year – no need. When this mucus becomes more and is it normal to cough up his children can’t.

In young children, in principle, a weak cough push, because it requires muscular effort. Therefore, the use of mucolytics does not facilitate the child’s status with SARS, but rather worsens it.

Reputable sources do not recommend mucolytics for children under 2 years of age because of risk of deterioration. The doctor advises not to give children mucolytics with SARS.

Remember – with a cold you shouldn’t drink any drugs that make enough to stay in bed and drink plenty of warm drinks.


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