The Patriarch of the little churches and the Ministry of health – a lot of hospitals and doctors


Patriarch Kirill said that 200 new churches will not be able to accommodate all the faithful of the capital. “Only now are we beginning to understand that 200 is not enough. We only open the temple, but already there is no place”, – he said at an audience with the heads of diplomatic missions of Latin America in Moscow.

The Patriarch said that in the framework of the “program-200″ in the capital have already opened 40 churches.”The program-200” was launched in 2009. Her idea belonged to Patriarch Kirill. The reason for the construction of new churches in the Russian capital, that Moscow was the lowest among all other regions of Russia the number of churches in terms of the number of people professing Orthodoxy.

– I think about 40 temples in the capital the Patriarch a little cry the Blues, – said the chief editor of Forum.MSK Anatoly Baranov. – That’s just in my area opened a few, and areas in the capital of 127, if I am not mistaken. Maybe he doesn’t think of the chapel, certainly does not believe those churches are restored… And need Moscow so much? Here have never seen a queue, except that the cakes hallow. Well then sell once consecrated, the big savings will come in the construction works. And is it so much in the capital of the Orthodox? I have already given the statistics of the MFS – 117 thousand went to the Baptism. Well, let the same standing next to. Still the same, like the Patriarch himself, sitting at home. But it’s only 2.5 percent of the population. If you divide by 200 churches, a total of fifteen hundred members. This is less than is necessary for local therapist at medical station. But I would not compare the intensity of the work of the local therapist with that of the priest. Really active members he had several dozen. And with all due respect to the feelings of believers, most recently in Moscow reduced 7 thousand doctors. And the same number intend to increase the number of “seats” in the temples? However, W the number of priests that will require 10 times less. And the unction with the funeral budget cheaper than cure… all over the world to produce new drugs, and only we have stopped the production of many antibiotic actually pharmacies only a few items. But the Church benches full of merchandise. Funeral service in Moscow works perfectly with fulfillment…


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