The passenger is told about the events on Board zadumyvalos in Sheremetyevo aircraft


Пассажир рассказал о происходящем на борту задымившегося в Шереметьево самолета

Passenger zadumyvalos during takeoff at Moscow airport Sheremetievskaya Boeing-737, which was carrying out flight Moscow — Yerevan, told about the events on Board the ship. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to the unnamed passenger, the plane had already started to disperse, when the cabin smoke appeared.

“Sharply salon puffed, puffed hard. Everyone started to panic, to yell, to shout”, — writes the edition.

The interlocutor of the edition praised the actions of the pilot, who understood the situation and stopped the plane. According to men, firemen arrived in time, and the evacuation was quick.

He also noted that passengers were sent to the airport, fed, watered, and then gave the other Board.

On 19 July it was reported that 178 passengers of the flight Moscow — Yerevan was evacuated from the Boeing 737 because of the smoke compartment. During the evacuation in the cabin began to panic, as on Board there was a stampede. Eight people suffered abrasions, bruises and sprains, one passenger was hospitalized.


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