The participants in the delivery of the turbines from Siemens in the Crimea fell under US sanctions


Участники поставки турбин Siemens в Крым подпали под санкции США

A division of the U.S. Treasury — Office of foreign assets control (OFAC) — January 26, has included in the sanctions list (SDN) of the three Russians, who oversaw the supply of gas turbines for Siemens in the Crimea. Deputy Minister of energy Andrey Cherezov, the Director of the Department of operational control and management in electric power industry, energy Eugene Grabchak, as well as the General Director of OOO “VO “Tekhnopromexport” (building power stations in the Crimea and put the turbine) Sergei TopoR-Gilkey. The list also got OOO “VO “Technopromexport” and the company “Power machines” Alexey Mordashov, which is a minority shareholder of the plant “Siemens gas turbine technology” supplier of four gas turbines, which were in the Crimea.
The assets of the persons included in SDN, in the United States will be frozen, it also will not be doing business with this country.
“The decision of the American Ministry of Finance on introduction of the company “Power machines” in the sanctions list is puzzling. Not clear the motives of this act. Understand the situation,” said RBC representative of “Power machines”.
The representative of the energy Ministry did not respond to requests to RBC.
“We are used to living under sanctions. Very sorry that the main instrument in international relations is getting pressure, not dialogue,” said RBC representative of “Rostec” (which controls OOO “VO “Tekhnopromexport”).
Because of the scandal with the delivery of German through the turbines, Grabchak and Axe Gilkey in August 2017 fell under the sanctions of the European Union. This decision of the EU Council explained that the two are responsible for making decisions on the transfer of the turbines from Siemens in the Crimea, and, grabczak oversees the development of power industry of the Crimea as a whole. Axe-Gilkey, according to the EU, resulted from “Siemens gas turbine technology” negotiating the purchase of turbines for a power plant in the Krasnodar region, and then was responsible for their transfer to the Crimea.

70% of the equipment “Power machines” supplied to export markets, the key areas of sales — Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, CIS, etc., according to the annual report of the company for the year 2016. Directly the US sanctions will not affect the company’s relationship with counterparties from other countries, but the real impact will depend on the behavior of foreign partners and possible political pressure on them, says the head of research and forecasting ACRES Natalya Porokhova. Typically Power machines supply equipment for large power plants, the construction of which is supervised by the state, like an expert. “Power machines” are working in a very competitive market, and in this situation the imposition of sanctions for them — bad news, concludes the powder.

“Power machines” certainly has partnerships with companies affiliated with American business, as well as funds on accounts in foreign banks, some of which can be frozen, assumes the managing partner Heads Consulting Alexander Bazykin.

Direct impact on the business climate of the sanctions are unlikely to have, as they apply to specific sectors of the economy and the need to separate the private business from the state, Mordashov said at an economic forum in Davos. On the other hand, sanctions contribute to anxiety and uncertainty, which have already been observed in Russia, he added.

The list also got logistics company Instar Logistics, as well as the company ZAO “Vneshtorgservis” and “Gas Alliance” (the latter, according to sources RBC, associated with the Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko), through which the steel products of Donbass comes to Russia. The representative Kurchenko did not answer the call RBC.

The list includes also Polish Doncoaltrade. In October last year, the Polish newspaper Dziennik reported that the company has imported to Poland 11 tons of anthracite from the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR). The Ministry of fuel, energy and coal industry LC is denied. The sanctions came and company “Coal technologies”, registered in Rostov-on-don, which, according to also engaged in export of hard coal from the Donbass.

These companies do not focus on international Finance, and the main markets they associated with Russia, says group Director of corporate ratings ACRA Maxim Hudalov. Some of these companies will probably be closed and there will be under new names, but the damage to their business and the owners will be minimal, he concludes.

Under the new sanctions, the US also turned out to be of the “Euro Polis” associated with the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. In June 2017, it became known that the company could obtain contracts for the production of a quarter of all gas and all oil produced is liberated from the Islamists with the participation of Russia part of the territory of Syria. Friday, Prigogine could not be reached.

In the new list also includes multiple structures “Surgutneftegaz”. Among them — Surgutneftegasbank (38-th place in Russia in terms of assets), OOO “Media-invest”, insurance society “Surgutneftegaz”, OJSC “Sovkhoz chervishevskiy, LLC “Surgutmebel ‘” and others. De jure, all of these companies were already under sanctions — “Surgutneftegaz” has got to the us sanctions list in September 2014, and, according to the sanctions law, all actions against the defendants in the lists apply to their subsidiaries.

Under the sanctions also fell road construction company “VAD”, which in November of 2017 received without tender a contract for the construction of the highway “Tavrida” cost 137 billion rubles According to Forbes, the company owned by businessman Valery Abramov and Victor Perevalov. Both the entrepreneur is also included in the sanctions list of the USA. It turned out to be the Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov, head of managerial reporting of the Bank “Russia” Mr. pentya (Bank “Russia” Yuri Kovalchuk was included in the sanctions lists of the USA and the EU in 2014), the acting Minister of DNR Igor Antipov, Minister of state security of DND Vladimir Pavlenko and other officials of the DNI and LC.




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