The owner of the shop handed out free bread to seniors, in response to received aggression


Хозяйка магазина, раздававшая бесплатно хлеб пенсионерам, в ответ получила агрессию

The owner of the shop handed out free bread to seniors, in response to received aggression and negativity

Another benefactor regretted that he decided to help people.

The owner of a small grocery store from Kaluga Yana Gurova told reporters edition of “News news”, for what reasons it decided not to distribute free bread to the elderly. Previously, she held at the point of action “Shelves good” — at his own expense distributed bread to pensioners. In response, according to Jana, she and the store employees were mainly aggression and negativity.
Show completely…

First, the entrepreneur carries out the action “good Regiment” in the same store, but had to stop doing this, because the neighboring stores complained of the constant shouting and fighting over free bread. Then Gurov decided to repeat the event at another store, located near the Philharmonic hall. It seemed to her that there will be a different audience and a different attitude between citizens. And until the distribution of bread was successful. On the “good Shelf” told in the local media, and Gurov even noted in the town Council for good initiative, writes, “News news”.

Then the journalist quotes the direct speech itself Yana Gurova:

“… (Now) in “the good Regiment” we won’t take part. Why did this happen? Explain. For a long time giving bread to the pensioners, we know what we’re doing right, good, useful. But we will not do it. Categorically. At first everything was fine, and then the supplier of bread became to bring it much later than people are used to. The store opens at 9am and people were lined up with 8.

When a job came my sellers, they have already met with a negativity that spilled on them from the queue. People stood for many hours waiting for a supply of bread, nervous themselves and unnerved sellers. We even hung up the announcement that pensioners came later that the bread will get all day.

But the people continued to make trouble, to bring tears to the sellers called with complaints to the Department of Commerce in the city government, said that we’re stealing the bread out of pensioners. And then I decided: everything! I don’t want my sellers scandals, so they cried and listened to the insults. I saw them shaking from all the unreasonable claims”.

Campaign store turned, but, according to Gurov, for some time the people came, who scolded the management for being “deprived of bread.”

First I would not believe this could. But the reality was cruel. Wanted to help the elderly, they are forever offended by something, but in the end got here is…

Yana Gurova not the only Russian entrepreneur who promised to help people after a charitable act.

In the Vladimir region, as he wrote, “Rosbalt”, the businessman Mamoud, Aversan for eight years, distributed free bread to the poor, but of gratitude for this he gets. Moreover, the people hate it and complain to the Prosecutor, convinced that the bread they provided by the state, and Mamud part appropriates.

In Chelyabinsk, the mistress of a grocery store Natalia Sretinskaya in April of 2017 have decided to give free bread to pensioners over 70 years — for a long time people were convinced that they were helped by the bakery or the state. This story told the website TJ.

Businessman Artak Hakobyan, who owns in Yekaterinburg grocery store chain, has stopped the distribution of free bread a few months after the beginning of the charity event, writes Rockmining. “At first all went well, no drama. People walked and thanked. And then the buyers decided that handing out free bread – this is our duty. The word “free” to the people working on inexplicably. The sellers shouted: “You tell me that so-and-so, bread is not left?! I came in after the deadline (the bread distributed to 12 hours a day), so what?! Could leave! Or go to the store and from the threshold: “come, run, bring put me free bread!” – in this formulation.


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