The owner of the faulty Ferrari received a $5.8 million


Владелец неисправной Ferrari получил $5,8 миллионаThe car he bought for 90 thousand dollars.

American Hamid Adeli sued the dealership 5.8 million dollars compensation for a sports car the Ferrari F430. According to Automotive News, the car revealed a hidden fault. Hamid Adeli in 2016 decided to buy a Ferrari b/y and found a suitable specimen in the showroom Mercedes (most likely, the car was handed back for trade-in).

Price Ferrari F430 was quite attractive – 90 thousand dollars. The sellers at the dealership claimed that the car is in perfect condition. Adele decided to drive the car to the service station, but used the services of a specialist in Ferrari.

During the inspection he discovered small problems that were quickly resolved. Satisfied customer left a Ferrari F430, but soon discovered a problem. The car started to smell like gasoline: it turned out that the intake manifold is damaged and its integrity violated.

Hamid Adeli addressed to the sellers, but they said he was guilty in failure – wrong exploited sports car Ferrari. The American then sued and won. As a result, the dealership paid him $ 6835 for the replacement manifold, 13 $ 366 for the associated losses and 5.8 million of compensation for moral damage.


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